Jake) is an Original Vampire/Warlock Hybrid, the first of his kind. When she left that day, she also left behind the love that she had for Kol. Maya Alexis Carson had 27 years of life before she died, her death was boring, uneventful, but unexpected. Olivia Thorne has always been a bit of an oddball, but many of her classmates would never guess how odd. I spoke honestly, yet I still surprised myself with the statement I'd just made. OC x Mikaelson Brothers Mature REMEMBER - a fem salvatore story (ON HOLD) 57.9K 1.8K 15 "Your blood is the cure," Stefan said shocked. His rough hand on her wrist in a deceptively gentle grip. And I can go anywhere I want Oh, but not just anyone's baby. To save them. It was surprising how much a single person's existence could change so much, but then again, it was not every day someone reborn with foreknowledge decides to play Seer and mess with what is to come. Nightmares Don't Always Remain Nightmares. Skyler Mikaelson. Bonnie gains a new friend the first day back to school. Watch me suffer in this show where everyone is blind. Work Search: After a pathetic death, I woke up reincarnated in the world of Miraculous Ladybug, a show that I had scrolled through after It blew up on the internet. Comment with a request and I'll write it. But that's only the beginning. Follow the journey of Delly, not so fondly called Delphine, Tobias Snow and Jenna Sommers as they try and navigate throught a world of mystical beings and assholes all the while trying and failing at parenting a group of unruly teenagers who had trouble with staying in the sidelines. she was not a phantom but she had been living a half-life, only surviving and ensuring her sibling's happiness, until she met him. #rebekahmikaelson Dorea Potter knew after her godfather died that she would do anything to end the war. No Hayley in this story Amara and Lily will be from the Crescent wolf pack instead. The thing is, she died. My blood is the cure." Alex and Theo have grown up in Mystic Falls their whole lives alongside Elena and the "Scooby Doo Gang". Sigrid has lived on the Other side for centuries, alone and forgotten, all this changes when she returns to Mystic Falls, the place where it all began. Their perfect life was now gone. #meganfox SABAISM. Klaus daggered her in the 1940s when they had a disagreement on where they should head to after Mikael almost caught them. The characters dont belong to me except the OC. Will he find a way to break the curse? As the famous Kol Mikaelson, the youngest brother alive, well dead alive. I couldn't remember the last time I'd really cried like this and I wanted to stop it. How does he know the Originals so well? Harry had black tame hair, emerald green eyes, and two weird birthmarks. "It doesn't seem too bad," I said. Having the unique privilege of being born a Tribrid, the very first Vampire-Witch/Wizard-Werewolf in existence, Harry must navigate the treacherous world of the Supernatural while growing up surrounded by the fickle and the sheep. Jeremy becomes Klaus' muse and lets him use him as such. I was a police officer. Secrets are weapons in the making. ---Allison Cameron likes to say she was normal. She takes her first breath in the world before wailing. I nodded at him, but before he could leave I stopped him. Life seemed to be perfect. #tvd She lived next door to her sister, Ashley, brother-in-law. It was even more unexpected because lets face it, she was transported into a different universe, one that she'd been a fan of before. IamMHR. They have been together for 5 years as a friend and 2 years as a lover. I was checking out a house call about domestic abuse. You should know that, did you ever even consider vampires could be walking on this earth?". And you can aim for my heart, go for blood Welcome back brother." To keep the balance, a prophecy was made, a prophecy about a mate of three Originals who will bring back the peace. One town, many supernaturals. The doctor, the man who would teach her how to live, to laugh and to love.will they survive Always and Forever? Dove is only 17 years old yet she Vivienne didn't believe in vampires until she started to suspect her prince might be one. Aang x OC x Zuko. So getting into contact with one Original Vampire wasn't difficult. Y/n Potter and Regulus Black form an unlikely relationship. He had gone over it so many times in his head since they figured out who they were sending back and that they were binding them together. She can see the future of others deaths and, like a typical Banshee, she can release an ear-shattering scream. And when you can't sleep at night (you hear my stolen lullabies)" I told him pointing to my brother. And I still talk to you (when I'm screaming at the sky) These friends must navigate through a storyline filled with murder, mayhem, and many attractive people. It's clear that he is where he's supposed to be, and that some powerful witches intervened when Bonnie tried the spell on him, but why is he there? How did she get here, why was shehere?And why did this familiar looking man keep referring to her as moon-blessed.Niklaus/OFC. Warning: Contains Mature Language, Anxiety, Depression, Possible Suicidal Thoughts, Major Character Death, and Eating Disorders. But for the chance to find his godfather, it was a risk he was willing to take. Will destiny bring these two back together? A granddaughter of a family of witches whos first borns have been hunted by the Black Sorceress Dahlia for 1000 years. He wants something really badly. #carolineforbes After yet another betrayal by those he believed to be friends, he decides to flee to America with the help of the Goblins and Death. Neither of them thought that going to New Orleans would flood them in doubts, lies, and betrayals. I sat down on the bed and he slowly walked towards me and sat down next to me, his body only just not touching mine. This binding could make them She trailed off. Only time will tell. In the moments of doubt, in between the lies, in all of the chaos they have to remember the good, because the only thing Elijah and Penelope have to ground them is only themselves for however long it will last. I told Stefan giving him the bottle of blood. Jonas curses Jeremy with a spell that causes everyone attracted to him to repeatedly have sex with him, and tickle him mercilessly. Until his biological father came looking for him and told him the truth. . Will they fight for her or will they lose her because of their fighting. All Rights Reserved bonniebennet carolineforbes damonsalvatore davinaclaire elenagilbert elijahmikaelson finnmikaelson kolmikaelson lorenzostjohn malachaiparker niklausmikaelson Vincent Lee was kicked out of his coven after he triggered his werewolf curse becoming, even more, a disgrace after it was discovered he could generate his own magic and had to siphon it. Life was perfect. This is an AU Fanfic taking place in a time where Elena and Stefan are still together and are happily going to Whitmore college away from Mystic Falls leaving everyone they ever cared about behind and the drama that folds in the small town. Finished :)Beta read and reposted chapter 1-15 as of 3/13/19. The Mikaelsons live Reborn as Hayley Marshall reborn in the originals Reincarnation Pastlife waking up as hayley marshall waking up in the vampire diaries Hayley Marshall is a good mom Protective Klaus Mikaelson Klaus Mikaelson Has A Heart Protective Elijah Mikaelson Protective Rebekah Mikaelson Canon-Typical Violence Not Beta Read The Originals was her favourite of the three shoes, she may have a tiny crush on Klaus and Elijah. Jeremy should of known he couldn't get away with anything, no matter what it was but as things start to fall apart in one life he starts making another and helping a family put it's self back together. This is set during season 3, episode 14: Dangerous Liaisons. To be dead is horrible, what is worse is to see the suffering of your loved ones without being able to help them. Her wrist was completely engulfed by his hand, and while his grasp was gentle, Andy knew that it would turn to iron if she attempted to pull away from him. But he didn't appreciate my sarcasm and neither did I, to be completely honest. How could have seen me in this darkness, when I could not find myself threw the light? It didn't take much to figure out he was the abuser with the way he was holding her arm tight enough to bruise. "It's my brother. ||"Ooh, love, ooh, loverboy" | Started on October 21, 2021, at 11:07 PM|. Maddison Lockhart was a depressed introvert, addicted to books and television along with imagining herself being the main character in many of the fantasy wo Lydia Ingalls never really minded the thought of death, she always imagined it to be peaceful. #mikaelson A slight chance that we. She pointed to him and then back at herself, Will be ripping away their freedom. Avila Langmore is the last of her bloodline. Had enough of the backwards Wizarding community in Britain Amara Mallory Potter-Black leaves it all behind and journeys to Mystic Falls, Virginia to join her mate and secret fiance of two years, Niklaus Mikaelson. Well it Henrik Mikaelson who has be Elizabeth has known the originals since before they were vampires. . He was in love with [Katerina Petrova], the second doppelgnger of the Petrova doppelgnger bloodline. Victoria Patten dies and wakes up in the body of a newly turned Vicki Donovan. For danger is lurking around the corner, waiting to pounce. Or will Jonas, Stefan, Damon, Kol, Elijah, Klaus and the other males of Mystic Falls have their way with him first? tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. It's a healthy baby girl!" Klaus Mikaelson Has A Heart Hybrids loving Klaus Mikaelson Alternate Universe Had enough of the backwards Wizarding community in Britain Amara Mallory Potter-Black leaves it all behind and journeys to Mystic Falls, Virginia to join her mate and secret fiance of two years, Niklaus Mikaelson. - A mother of four dies protecting her children, who she loved more than anything. One night, a tragic accident occurred and she lost yet another sibling. Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender. Nyla is a Witch that was cursed/gifted with being a banshee. One that Harry couldn't help but want to help Sirius out of - no matter what it took. It was in the eyes, the dark brown eyes that told her apart from all others. She hasn't been happy for a thousand years so what happens when she makes a huge decision! To say that dying isn't her goal here would be a lie. Klaus kidnaps the rebellious and confused Jeremy to be his heir. Kol thinks they should just find and kill anyone that might be threatening them. Fema I know you're obsessed with me~ I asked her and she come to me. Fanfiction Fantasy Supernatural Klaus Mikaelson Has a Twin Sister Mikael Is a Bad Parent . She may seem heartless and cold, but she cares about her family and decided to save them from every. This one isn't at home in Mystic Falls and Klaus wants to travel to check out this threat. , , , . We have to remain hidden until you can perform youre spell.. Work Search: He becomes a king, and later discovers a way to travel between worlds. Also, I wrote this in (2016??) Finn Mikaelson is Asexual don't fight me on this, Marcel Gerard/Original Female Character(s), Original Female Character/Original Male Character, I wrote this at like 13 so its probs unnecessarily dramatic, Klaus Mikaelson/Lily Evans Potter/James Potter, Alternate Universe - The Vampire Diaries Fusion, Alternate Universe - Teen Wolf (TV) Fusion, Alternate Universe - The Secret Circle (TV) Fusion, Original Male Character & Rebekah Mikaelson, Original Male Character & Hayley Marshall, Mikaelson Family & Original Female Character(s), References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore. What happens when he runs into the men of the Mikaelson family? Stefan cleared his throat and I turned to him. Shed no way of knowing she would be forced to leave her friends and England behind. But everything changed on one lovely summer morning when she died and ended up in the TVD universe. I was 30, I was old, why would I want to be a 5 year old again? Named mischievous and the worst troublemaker, he was banished to the mortal realm, cursed forever to relive lives while remembering every pain and happiness he ever had. I will be adding more tags and relationships along the way so make sure to check them. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Maybe a certain black cat was a part of the funBut whatever, it's Christmas everybody! Arwen Steele was pretty much someone who didn't really understand the vampire diaries TV show but watched it anyway, she knew the names and where they were, but Arwen was never sure exactly what was going on; either the show was all over the , x . Will she find true family and friends along the way? #selfinsert He didn't like that. Jeremy, back in his own time, has decided to turn into a vampire on his 19th birthday so that he can stay with his lovers forever. A perfectly normal night for Kelli. ***ON-GOING***, She didn't know it would end up like this.She shoudlve known she always felt something was off.She should've listened to her instincts.It's too late now though.It's the End. Jeremy starts to have vivid dreams of the originals and himself when they were young. So did the Mikaelsons and the world. She may seem heartless and cold, but she cares about her family and decided to save them from every #alternateuniverse He is born from William Blackwell and [Esther Mikaelson] in the 10th century. Damon is currently Jeremys guardian for the time being but will they be more? tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (16), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, John Blackwell/Original Female Character(s), Alternate Universe - Supernatural Elements, Alternate Universe - Creatures & Monsters, Elijah Mikaelson/Jeremy Gilbert/Klaus Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore/Original Female Character(s), Kol Mikaelson/Klaus Mikaelson/Finn Mikaelson, Bonnie Bennett/Jeremy Gilbert (mentioned), Bonnie Bennett & Original Male Character(s), Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvator (mentioned), Jeremy's Unexpected Adventure To The Past, Jeremy with all three brothers but their not together, Jeremy also gets the power of his family ring, Kol Mikaelson/Jeremy Gilbert/Klaus Mikaelson, Prequel to Headed to a better future but should be read after. #tylerlockwood I tried to diffuse the situation, told him to calm down and let her go. And so the next day when she woke up in Hayley Marshalls body a week before the first episode, she started planning.---by InfinityMaximoff, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. One minute Kol is standing over him threatening to cut off both of his arms, and the next Jeremy is laying on the ground outside. He said the chances where slight. The vampire said. This year, the second season of the show has allowed me to discover more of this world an the history of it's treasures. Second of all, I wrote this a couple of years ago and so it isn't completely representative of my writing now as I've grown and changed my style a couple of times. ( an extended summary inside, bcz again its bloody long *sigh*). Work Search: Wait. Ongoing First published Jun 16, 2021 Reborn as a female Niklaus Mikaelson is not the worst thing that has happened to me. Will they fight for her or will they lose her because of their fighting. | RABASTAN LESTRANGE. Klaus Mikaelson (24) Jeremy Gilbert (23) Kol Mikaelson (21) Elijah Mikaelson (20) Damon Salvatore (16 . Morgana Potter had been expecting a lot of things after the war - but she definitely did not expect to dimension, getting kidnapped by angry and murderous witches because of a miraculous baby, start a coven and fall in love. The flame of hope st Bryan is an orphan, and although He's already 24, he was never once adopted due to his "Mental health issues" or better yet, for being a "Manipulative bastard" as people like to call it. What if after Hopes birth Hayley and the Mikaelsons return to Mystic Falls?What if there is someone new in Mystic Falls?What if Klaus falls in love again?What if Klaus is denying his feelings?What if that person is also in love with Klaus?What if? As she's panicking in distress, nurses are wiping her blood covered body down, covering the wailing baby in a blanket before handing her to the new parents. Taking place little before the Silas story arc, but the originals are lurking around Mystic Falls and have made it their own New Orleans with Klaus, as king. Warning: M/m, M/F, M/f, M/M, F/f spanking/crude language/spoilers and plot alteration. She hated past season three, where it went downhill for the Mikaelson family. I only own CJ and Matilda Day their story and any side characters I create.Cross posted on Wattpad and Fanfiction.Net, who shall be the kings and queens in this chessboard?. Some plot points will be different but who cares. It was a regular day. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest moments, if only one remembers to turn on the light.". He asked with fear in his eyes. Everything changes when a tragedy happensA strange boy appears outta nowhere in the forest and he does the impossible, he brings somebody back to life, that somebody is Kol Mikaelson but who is this young man? Carted across the east coast, Harry is dumped on the doorstep, and forced to do the bidding, of one very infamous Hybrid. Anywhere I want, just not home She would prefer being reborn as someone else, anyone else really, she'd probably prefer to be reborn as a kitten. He was bitten by a werewolf and the witches said you had a cure." Henrik Mikaelson has been reincarnated as Jeremy Gilbert, the younger brother of Elena Gilbert - the latest Petrova Doppelganger whom Klaus is determined to sacrifice in order to undo his centuries year old curse. Secrets are hard to keep-unless everyone is dead. Harrison was born on August 31 at 11:55 pm at 8 pounds 9 ounces. About how if Hayley made some different choices, how much would the show have changed? He is more conflicted than ever before and starting to doubt everything. , -- ', , ' '? She and her twin were the firstborns to Mikael and Esther, after the tragic loss of her twin the remaining Mikaelson clan fled to the new world where she became an older sister five times over and she loved them all fiercely. Florence Summer Hadley returns to Mystic Falls after staying with her extended family in London for a while. One town, many threats. Nicole Hale died and was reborn into the female body of Niklaus Mikaelson. ..' .. ( , )! She could feel his arms around her, his lips on hers, his fangs sinking into her neck. She learned what the birthmark on her shoulder mean.For years, they were looking for someone who knew something about their families when they got help. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Vampire diaries/ Originals. The day Astra died she expected darkness, an eternity of nothing. Both are vampires. Christmas is here already! Everything was going well until the fateful night of Henrik Mikaelsons death. Growing up as the son of the family boss Mikael Mikaelson, he and his brothers Elijah and Kol have had one goal in mind. The only character I own is Azora Homes/Juniper Gilbert. None of her siblings apart from Rebekah know that she's alive! (I suck at summaries and titles. Or will her selfish need to have her own way make it worse? This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). A group of friends get caught in a horrific storm and end up in a new world. There she stood, reborn again. Jeremy was just getting use to things so life had to throw him a curve ball and so does Elena. "Sorry Damon, I only watch Twilight for the werewolves, so unless you turn out to be some kind of werewolf vampire hybrid we aren't going to work. Rated: Fiction T - English - Supernatural/Family - Elijah M., Klaus M., Kol M., Henrik M. - Chapters: 27 . Is he an ally and friend? The twins are about to find out just how deep the roots of the supernatural are in their hometown, and they will begin to question everything they know about their lives, including their own family. "Look at how my tears ricochet About how if Hayley made some different choices, how much would the show have changed? So one night after having finished watching the show again, and was still sobbing because they shouldnt have died, she spent some time thinking to herself. Work Search: "Okay," I told him simply and walked over to get a cup and bite my wrist letting it drip into the cup. But Cali does and she will do anything to keep her family safe, even if it means sharing some of those secrets. Please consider turning it on! Klaus Mikaelson had been expecting a lot of things when he heard whispers of conspiracy against him in New Orleans, but he did not expect to be roped into parenthood. "Yes, well," he said as she looked down at his drink, "Nothing is as it seems. Harry had always made it a point to never get involved in anyone else's world-ending affairs, but the town of Mystic Falls and its many characters seem hell-bent on keeping him there. Mia Rutherford was taken in by Tony Start at the age of 15 after years of torture in the Red Room. Alya Potter is tired of the wizarding world. ) ; . She dreams of the 1930s. I looked around wondering what happened, but then remembered the car accident and dying. "I have been running for over 600 years, how could he have found me when I have covered all my tracks, killed all the witnesses, and never stayed in one place twice? Lots of HP/VD oneshots, contains slash, het, mpreg. That's all. But I didn't have the strength to stop it. Marcel just enjoyed meeting his favorite book character. so I'm sorry if it's bad). As I got dressed I realized I was reborn as the female Niklaus Mikaelson. # alternateuniverse # femaleklaus # hybrid # mikaelson # miracle # pregnancy # reborn # salvatore # selfinsert # tvdfanfic # t Chapter One: Female Niklaus Mikaelson And can he do it without falling in love along the way?
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