With no missing persons reports in the area matching the victims, the case went cold until 2000, when a New Hampshire trooper investigating the 15-year-old mystery went back to the area to take some measurements. She also died from blunt force trauma to her head. And Rasmussen was now going by Larry Vanner. Ariana Madix appeared in a friend's video just hours after news that she and Tom Sandoval split hit the internet. He doesnt exist prior to his (DUI) arrest in Cypress. I got the call that he was not biologically related to Lisa, and that confirmed a lot of what my suspicions were, the former detective said. At the turn of the decade, Rasmussen became Bob Evans and began a relationship with 23-year-old Denise Beaudin. Terry Rasmussen Eunsoon Jun is pictured in an undated photo. DNA testing has also revealed she is primarily Caucasian with a small amount of Asian, Black and American Indian ancestry. According to CNN, Rasmussen left the girl with neighbors, who later had to put her up for adoption. The election of these two new directors expands the board to [] Jun was in her mid-40s when she introduced her family to her new boyfriend Larry Vanner, whom authorities later identified as Rasmussen, according to the New Hampshire Department of Justice. So how did he die? New Hampshire authorities hold a news conference to discuss Bob Evans and the disappearance of Denise Beaudin. Obituary Services Memories and Condolences . He tells people she is his daughter. Marlyse and her daughters were only identified in 2019 due to DNA profiling. Copyright 2023 Distractify. The suspected serial killer, who died in a California prison in 2010, is accused of having killed at least six people, including his toddler daughter. In 2017, authorities announced that DNA taken from Lisa/Dawn Beaudin did not match the genetic profile of the woman found in the first metal drum. The trooper found another metal drum about 100 yards from where the first had been discovered. Closer inspection revealed Juns flip-flopped foot. Lisa is placed into foster care and a warrant is issued for Jensons arrest for child abandonment. But when he didnt return, Lisa was placed into protective custody. Our beautiful Mom, Nana, sister, and friend, left this earthly life early in the morning July 4, 2022. Suspected serial killer Terry Rasmussen, her common-law husband, was convicted in her death. Marlyse Honeychurch, her daughters Marie Vaughn and Sarah McWaters. Terry Rasmussen Terry Rasmussen is pictured in a 1973 mugshot. The program about the case was aired again Friday night. Terry Rasmussen was convicted of murdering his wife Eunsoon Jun in 2003 Credit: Eyevine. May their souls find peace in Gods loving care.. Headley sent photos of the man California authorities knew as Kimball/Vanner/Jenson to Manchester police, who showed them to Beaudin. Marsh Funeral Home; Send Flowers Share Obituary. Investigators still did not know if Evans was the killers real name or just another alias, so they again turned to Rae-Venter, who used her same methods from The Lisa Project to build a family tree that in 2017 identified their murder suspect as Colorado native Rasmussen. That first cousin, Beaudins nephew, had asked his uncle to take a DNA test for California authorities. As president and CEO at Thrivent, I'm honored to lead a Fortune 500 diversified financial services organization that offers holistic advice, investments, insurance, and banking to . Ms. Rasmussen's appointment is effective today, November 30, 2020, while Mr. Happe's appointment will be effective January 20, 2021. When friends reported her missing, Vanner was taken in for questioning, at which point he was fingerprinted. The family moved to Redwood, California, and the Rasmussens had another child in 1970, then another in 1972. In the late 60s, he moved to Hawaii, where he worked in his parents shoe store and married in 1968, according to the police timeline. Police, meanwhile, were unaware that they had a serial killer in custody until the mystery of the unidentified remains in the Allenstown oil barrels slowly began to unravel. San Bernardino County Sheriffs Office detectives opened an investigation into Lisas true identity. She married Darce Van Terry later divorced. She had a slight overbite that may have been noticeable, the news release said. She was 2 to 4 years old at the time of her death, placing her birthdate between 1975-1977. "Now, officials say they have identified three of the four victims, a significant step toward resolving one of New . Lisa was in the car with him at the time of his arrest, according to police. All four killings are believed to have been committed around the same time. And then, because he had assumed so many different identities to infiltrate and destroy families in at least New Hampshire and . Terry James Rasmussen of Daleville passed away Friday, May 6, 2022 at his residence surrounded by his family. The only person Rasmussen was ever convicted of killing was Eunsoon Jun, according to ABC News. Kimball refused to confirm who she was. Fuller Company (NYSE: FUL) today announced that it has elected Michael Happe and Teresa (Terry) Rasmussen as independent members to its board of directors. According to CNN, Rasmussen left the girl with neighbors, who later had to put her up for adoption. Results 1-20 of 45 View Record Name Birth Date Death Date Publication Place Relatives; To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info or Locationeven a guess will help. And while Beaudin remained missing, presumed murdered, Rasmussen had held onto her young daughter in 1981, naming her Lisa.. In 1981, Denise Beaudin went missing shortly after Thanksgiving with her 6-month-old daughter and her boyfriend, Rasmussen, who she knew as Robert T. Evans, according to the New Hampshire Department of Justice. If you need help with a wrongful death case, contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates. Although her body has never been found, officials believe that the killer struck her down somewhere in California. A conversation with one of Terry Rasmussen's surviving children. Terry Peder Rasmussen. Anyone aware of a missing child or a missing child and mother from the time frame in the story is asked to contact the New Hampshire State Police at 603-MCU-TIPS or Sgt. She took the blame for her leaving, Honeychurchs brother, David Salamon, told ABCs 20/20 in a segment on the case last year. 1. Obituary. She left her house after an argument with her family, along with her two daughters six-year-old Marie Elizabeth Vaughn and one-year-old Sarah Lynn McWaters. The remains belonged to Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch, whom Rasmussen dated in 1978. TERRY RASMUSSEN OBITUARY. Using DNA taken from Kimball/Vanner/Jenson/Evans in California, they discovered that he was the father of one of the child victims, who over the years had become known as the middle child because of her age in relation to the other girls. (It) just hurts that she doesnt know that it wasnt her fault, that she left with somebody that was gonna be horrible. A hunter walking on private, wooded land just north of Bear Brook State Park on Nov. 10, 1985, stumbled upon a rusty metal 55-gallon drum. In a statement read to the public in January 2017 by Jeffery Strelzin, senior assistant attorney general for New Hampshire, Dawn Beaudin described her story as incredulous. She was most likely slain between 1979 and 1981, police officials said Thursday. Almost three years passed. Honeychurch, then 24, visited her family for Thanksgiving at her mothers house, where she introduced them to Rasmussen. Episode 65: Cancel culture has roared onto the scene in the past few years, much to the delight of some and to the dismay of many others. As it turned out, police officials there were familiar with a man named Bob Evans. Furthermore, it was later ascertained that Elizabeth was a victim of the unsolved Redhead murders. She had been a resident of Providence Place there since 2005. All Rights Reserved. His daughters name is unknown, as is the identity of her mother, who authorities believe is likely another of Rasmussens victims. In November 1981 she took her 6-month old daughter to her moms for Thanksgiving dinner. Laura is survived by her parents; brother and sister-in-law, Matthew and Kathleen Rasmussen; aunt, Kay Faherty; uncles, Steve, Dan, Terry, Randy, and Neil Faherty and Ross Rasmussen. Jenson worked as a handyman and electrician at the park, authorities said. Most serial killers would never do that; it's the last thing they would do. Terry Rasmussen's 1973 mug shot. It wasn't Rasmussen's first time in prison, however he'd just been using a different name. Terry was born December 20, 1962 in Germany to James Stanley and Hildegard Enderle Rasmussen. The . Denise Beaudins body has never been found. In 2019 Heath rediscovered a 1999 Ancestry.com message board, on which a woman was looking for a toddler missing since 1978 named Sarah McWaters. Rasmussen died from natural causes in 2010, long before most of the other victims' bodies were identified, according to WMUR 9 News. Lisa was in the car with him at the time of his arrest, according to police. Terry was baptized at the Christian Church in Panora, Iowa. "If my mother hadn't left when she did, that probably would have been me," Diane said in 2019. Authorities learn that Jenson was previously arrested under the name Curtis Kimball after pulling a fingerprint from the RV park. The unidentified girl was found to be Rasmussen's biological daughter, a different daughter from the three he had with his first wife. In 1998, police in California stopped him for driving an uninsured car with no drivers licence. "My father's real full name is Terry Peder Rasmussen, and he was born Dec. 23 of 1943," Diane Kloepfer told "20/20." Diane Kloepfer is one of four biological children Terry Rasmussen . Rasmussen was trained as an electrician and served for six years . A son was born in 1970 in Palo Alto, California, followed by a third daughter in 1972. Denise Beaudin, 23, of Manchester, New Hampshire, her 6-month-old daughter, Dawn and boyfriend Bob Evans pack up and leave New Hampshire. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Kloepfer last saw her father in either 1975 or 1976, when she was about 6 years old. In 1985, as the man calling himself Gordon Jenson showed up in Cypress with a little girl in tow, authorities in New Hampshire were making their first terrible discovery just outside of Bear Brook State Park. The suspected serial killer, who died in a California prison in 2010, is suspected of killing at least six people, including his toddler daughter. Then in January 1986, the Holiday Host RV Park in Scotts Valley, California, got a new handyman named Gordon Jensen. Read MoreRep. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona, with his family and later on in Hawaii, where he was married in 1968. She said she was grateful to have been reunited with her grandfather and extended family but sought privacy. He fails to report to his Nov. 2 parole date in California and disappears, according to a California Supreme Court review of his case. He was 67. The same DNA analysis that showed the girl was Rasmussens daughter showed that she was not related to Honeychurch or her girls, who were all last seen alive in November 1978 in La Puenta, California. Her body, found in 1995, has been identified by The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Cold Case Unit using a mix of DNA testing and genealogy analysis. Margene Myrtle Johnston our loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-great grandmother passed away February 28, 2023. Terry Peder Rasmussen was born in Colorado on Dec. 23, 1943. Low 42F. Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Later that summer, genetic genealogist Barbara Rae-Venter identifies Evans as Terry Rasmussen. Chemist Eunsoon Jun, 42, of Richmond, California, introduces Terry Rasmussen to friends at a party. Plausibly, the child and her mother could be descendants from Thomas Deadhorse Mitchell, born in 1836, or William Livings, born in 1826. Rasmussen is suspected of having killed at least six people across the U.S., including Beaudin, pictured at right in 1976. In October 2016, DNA extracted from the remains of the Allenstown Four was compared to Kimballs. I dont know if my mother knew his capacity for violence, Kloepfer said in her interview. Eunsoon Jun is pictured in an undated photo. He was sentenced to three years, and served one, before being released on parole. He served a three-year prison sentence for child abandonment in 1989, but made a plea deal and managed to make parole in 1990. In May 2000, a cold case detective decided to go back to the site and take another look at the remaining barrels. Sarah was the youngest and her half-sister, Marie Vaughn, was the oldest. Funeral services will he held at Rasmussen Mortuary Monday . This is a twisted tale of false identities, a living Jane Doe and the Bear Brook Four with one victim yet to be identified and one still missing. The Bear Brook investigation in New Hampshire was long dead by 2000. Victim of 'Killer Clown' John Wayne Gacy ID'd 4 Decades After Death by DNA from Tooth. Rae-Venter told 20/20 the search led her to a man named Armand Beaudin in Manchester, New Hampshire, about 15 miles from Allenstown and Bear Brook State Park. The suspected serial killer, who died in a California prison in 2010, is accused of having killed at least six people, including his toddler daughter. Librarian Rebekah Heath delved deep into the message boards of genealogy websites going back decades. Terry passed away on month day 1956, at age 12 at death place, Idaho. 5/4/1944 ~ 2/28/2023. One of their daughters, Diane Kloepfer, told 20/20 last year that her mother once told her Rasmussen had burned his young son with a cigarette. Rasmussens own biological daughter from the 2000 barrel remained unidentified. It's perhaps the most chilling aspect of Ramussen, who develops relationships with people for years and not only has no problem leaving them at the drop of a hat, but murdering them too. The family and friends of Marlyse Honeychurch and her daughters gather for a funeral for the trio after their identities are finally uncovered. He also went undetected in large part because he kept changing his name which is why he's known as The Chameleon Killer, the same title given to a Feb. 19 Discovery+ special about him. Rasmussen, whose true name was not discovered until after his death, was sentenced to serve 15 years in prison as Curtis Kimball. The Lady In the Fridge (Episode 2), will be mentioned on tonights episode, which features serial killer, Terry Rasmussen. At the time, he was serving his sentence for Jun's murder. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Honeychurch and her family have no ties to Mississippi, and they had no connection to New Hampshire before the murders, authorities said. But before that, he was a family man himself. As time went on, investigators located hundreds of her genetic cousins. She said that she did, but they died from eating grass mushrooms when they were out camping, Headley said. pic.twitter.com/vWHryOQ7EE. The detective suspected that Rasmussen had pleaded guilty because he overheard her telling another detective she planned to request a paternity test to determine if Lisa was really the killers child. A hunter walking on private, wooded land just north of Bear Brook State Park on Nov. 10, 1985, stumbled upon a rusty metal 55-gallon drum. Anyone aware of a missing child or a missing child and mother from the time frame in the story is asked to contact the New Hampshire State Police at 603-MCU-TIPS or Sgt. Read MoreRecall alert: Banana Boat recall of hair and scalp sunscreen spray expanded, A suspected gunman at a Target store in Omaha, Nebraska, was shot and killed Tuesday by police officers. The unidentified child would be the 5X or 6X great-grandchild of one of these men., Terry Rasmussen An artists rendering shows what the unidentified daughter of suspected serial killer Terry Rasmussen might have looked like before her killing. Citizen detectives took up the case, according to true crime investigator Billy Jensens book, Chase Darkness With Me, passing on whatever they found to cold case investigators. Terry Rasmussen Had Four Biological Children With His First Wife. Examination of the genetic composition of the child and genealogy research suggest the mother of the child has relatives in Pearl River County, Mississippi, officials said in a news release. Rasmussen was convicted of killing Eunsoon Jun in June 2003 and has been linked t State police investigators also began constructing a timeline for the man Strelzin described as a chameleon. Distractify is a registered trademark. His ex-wife and most of his kids have stayed out of the spotlight, but his daughter Diane Kloepfer has been interviewed several times about the dad she barely knew. Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch and her daughters, Marie Elizabeth Vaughn, and Sarah Lynn McWaters are believed to be his first victims. San Bernardino County detectives, and Rae-Venter, soon learned something shocking. San Bernardino County Sheriffs Office detectives opened an investigation into Lisas true identity. Inside, wrapped in plastic, were the badly decomposed bodies of Honeychurch and her 6-year-old daughter, Marie Vaughn. Although New Hampshire authorities were unable to give the Beaudin family closure, they did make headway in the Bear Brook case. However, no connection was found between Daneault and him. The suspected serial killer, who died in a California prison in 2010, is accused of having killed at least six people, including his toddler daughter. The girl was one of four victims found stuffed into 55-gallon drums in New Hampshire woods in 1985 and 2000. It tore my mom up. I have three beautiful children and a loving husband, and would like our presently happy and secure life to remain intact and protected, she said in the statement, according to CNN. She was 2 to 4 years old at the time of her death, placing her . Authorities believe Rasmussens daughter was between 2 and 4 years old when she was killed, putting her date of birth somewhere between 1975 and 1977. As far back as about 1977, Bob Evans was living in Manchester, where he worked as head electrician at the Waumbec Mill. Her identity, however, remains unknown. On 28 December 2010, Terry Rasmussen died while he was behind bars at High Desert State Prison in Susanville, California. On February 24, 1986, the body of Sherri Rasmussen (born February 7, 1957) was found in the apartment she shared with her husband, John Ruetten, in Van Nuys, California, United States.She had been beaten and shot three times in a struggle. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? Romae Anderson Terry Rasmussen was born August 25, 1937 in Murray, Utah to Samuel Smith and Lois Wanda Osborne Anderson. All Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries results for Terry Rasmussen. He was preceded in death by his father, James Stanley Rasmussen. This made her upset, so she left the dinner with Rasmussen and her daughters and that was the last anyone heard of them. Here is a detailed timeline highlighting not only Rasmussen's deadly past but the police investigation and evidence that led up to their calling him "the Chameleon Killer.". By subscribing to this BDG newsletter, you agree to our. You have permission to edit this article. Then we had Gordon Jenson, then he was using Larry Vanner. Neil Patmore is a former police officer, and private investigator. Terry Rasmussen is pictured in a 1985 mugshot. If its not his daughter, where did he get her? Marylse Honeychurch is last seen around Thanksgiving in La Puente, California, with Terry Rasmussen. Suspected serial killer Terry Rasmussen, her common-law husband, was convicted in her death. Home Obituaries Terry Lee Rasmussen Obituary. Marie Vaughn was last seen with her mother and sister at a Thanksgiving gathering in 1978. The slain, unidentified bodies of a woman age 22-23 and a child at first believed to be age 5-11 are found by a hunter in a barrel in Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, New Hampshire. Rasmussen/Kimballs DNA was compared to the daughter he had abandoned in 1986. She mused about what could have happened to her or her siblings. By Globe Staff August 18, 2017, 11:04 a.m. Terry Peder Rasmussen in a photo estimated to be from the late 1950s or early 1960s.
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