Claims being denied and many of us are suffering and are dieing! Among them: The Veterans Agent Orange Exposure Equity Act, the Cost of War Act, and others, including the Fairly Assessing Service-related Exposure Residual (FASTER) Presumptions Act, also dubbed the FASTER Act. I want this to be taken seriously! In 2016 with the help of an attorney, was finally approved for Ischemic Heart Disease but only has a 60% disability rate. VA do the right thing. Doctor told me heart ( VA has me on meds, surgery in 2002) not in AO conditions. I returned to the VA about a year ago after many of my friends urged me to do so. My husband was a patient at the Temple VA for decades. I looked at all your pages of breaking news and it is all the same ,lot of words and no info of the breaking news ,Have been trying since 1996, and not much help ,turned down because it was not on my active duty records ,tried to tell the them that my many disibility,s came after I came down with non Hoginkins lymphoma in 1995 made no difference,they are waiting till some more of us are dead,I have most of those disibility,s they are talking about ,and it is rough to think about sometimes,but we will make it without va ,and probably be better off . I have only 50% due to diabetes and diabetic neuropathic . I did go to the VA . Veterans who served in Thailand have long contended they face a higher bar in winning Veterans Administration (VA) disability benefits claims, having to clearly demonstrate they were exposed to Agent Orange or other harmful herbicides while their fellow veterans enjoy a presumption that they were exposed. His primary care doctor believes this was a result of exposure to Agent Orange but a VSO has submitted a claim on my behalf for him. My dad died March 6 2021 of non-hodgkin lymphoma, he was a Marine in Camp Leguene 1963&64. GOONIE BIRDS got better treatment! The va gives you meds but dont wont to give benefits.Our svo where I live dont even wont to talk to you.I tried to get him to make copies of . I received a letter from the VA today asking me to reach out they are liking for his next of Kin. He had filed an Agent Orange claim several times. Seems like mission is to dissuade veterans. Chisholm said he and like-minded attorneys representing veterans who served in Thailand are winning these cases one at a time, but with detailed evidence, detailed arguments, detailed affidavits. No face covering, My husband with Parkinsons worked in torpedo shop in Hawaii cleaning torpedoes with a degreaser for 3 years plus worked on blue water ship for 8 months while it was dry docked, cleaning equipment and cleaning spilled herbicide in bottom of aircraft elevator and on the ships deck. I am proud to join Rep. Cartwright in introducing legislation that will ensure our Vietnam War veterans who served in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia receive the care they deserve now, and I urge my colleagues in Congress to work across the aisle to support these men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country," Fitzpatrick said in a statement. Every vet who was there deserves aid. Senators John Boozman (R-AR) and Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee Chairman Jon Tester (D-MT) are renewing their bipartisan effort to support veterans who served in Thailand during the Vietnam War-era by . Go to DAV or VA.GOV search fir VSO( veteran service officer) and have them submit another claim immediately. My husband applied years ago and was denied he served in the Korean War and two tours in Vietnam and was based at Camp Lejeune for several years. Go to nearest VA facility and get registered with VA Health, find a VSO and he/she will fill out the necessary papers for you. Roy, go to the nearest Disabled American Veterans office and ask them for assistance. Get more resources at Many of our Nations Veterans have waited a long time for these benefits, said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough. My daughter was born with autism. I have lost a kidney to cancer, had stage 3 Lymph cancer treated, skin cancers, and colon cancer treatments. During 2020-2021, VA and DoD updated thelist of locations based on new information to several locations in the U.S. and oversees, including Thailand, Korea, and Alabama. Reapply. Ask anyone who served in Vietnam and it was common practice to dispose of human excrement by mixing it with diesel fuel and burning it. I assumed that once a person wS 100%, there was no need to further file for illness related to agent orange. Tactical herbicides such as Agent Orange had limited usage, testing, or storage in several other countries besides Vietnam, such as the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), Thailand, and United States. The possibility of exposure to benzene and mixed motor pool substances for clearing weeds and oiling down dust in parting lots in bases in Germany is an interesting development. My electronics van had inch thick dust in it and all kinds of Vietnam paraphernalia hidden away on it. In I was told they received it to late and no further action 9th Division.??? The AFHRA memo said that although use of commercial herbicides is documented, the Air Force archivists found no mention of the transportation, payment for or use of any tactical herbicide to control vegetation on Air Force installations in Thailand. I am wondering if they are delaying action on the claims until we are all dead? Hi Ted, I run a project called Operation Triumphus and have helped point some veterans in the right direction regarding this issue. Where does that leave his claim? Centerville resident McHenry died in July 2021 at the age of 74. Almost every county has I quit going to the VA for anything!!!! the va dont care about vets !!! There was a lot of Agent Orange used in the area. I am amazed that the VA believes burn pit issues only affect those serving in the more recent SW Asia campaigns. One of their doctors lied and stated that he had examined me and found no problems related to Agent Orange. I have learned of one Vietnam vet who got scleroderma within the one year limit and who was finally given disability status from the VA for his scleroderma. My husband served three tours in Vietnam and died a horrible death seven years ago of four of the diseases named. i was moving a 55 gallon drum of that stuff and it wasted all over my lower body and my supervisor told me to go take a long hot shower and bag all of my clothes and return them to him he would get me some new ones, never to tell me that it was harmful i went back out to the bombdump where i was temporary assigned and read the drums and saw it was herberside i filed and fielded for agent orange but was told not service connected now i have hypothyroidism and Parkinsonism alone with i had to have my prostate removed for i had prostate cancer. i have contacted attorneys to fight for me. AMIEN UND AMIEN! Neither is free, but I dont know how much they are. I served in Thailand at Uteipio AFB in 1972-1973. The age group I am in seems to greatly effected with neuropathy and because we are not diabetics, the VA will not consider this ailment as a cause of Agent Orange. Very helpful, but was told that the VA routinely denies claims, then you have to prove somehow that your case is a result of AO. I served aboard a world war II ship from 1968 to 1970 that had asbestos through out the ship. Due to the operations being Politically Incorrect today all information about where we were at and did is still classified today. Needle in a haystack. The VA hasnt even approved private therapy to assist me with my exceedingly difficult situation. How about those of us that served in Okinawa and were exposed to AO on the boats that were sent from Vietnam for repairs? Makes no sense. I am not a diabetic which seems to be one of the main items that is considered for VA benefits. I would rather have died instantly on the battlefield with glory than suffer daily this slow death from Parkinsons developed from the toxic exposure from water at Camp Lejeune. So, good luck to any of you still living and fighting. I am proud to have served, but I am not pleased at the way the VA treats me and many other veterans. Add high blood pressure to the list of presumptives. Both of my brothers were born before my father was deployed and have no serious medical issues and are about as healthy as you can be. When will there be an admission that agent orange was stored, transported and frequently sprayed on bases in Okinawa? Im spending out of pocket about $6,000 to $6,500 a year in medications, he said. Today I live with one lung because of my exposure to AGENT ORANGE. I will never believe all the agent Orange was out of the soil and water when he was there. Sinus surgery in 1999, again she said no go. I had this similar experience-only served immediately after the Vietnam conflict, on a LPH THAT TRANSPORTED agent orange, helicopters and, was deployed to south east Asia, and we took it to dry dock. So it certainly seems like Agent Orange was in his system all those years before Parkinsons. I was in Khe Shan during Tet Offensive during 1967-68 and was sprayed continuously as the government tried to clear vegetation. He use to say they would spray agent orange below the hills he was on to control the jungle below them. How do I apply again if they are actually maybe taking this seriously? THANKS FOR POSTING THIS FOR THE VETERNS IN NEED OF HELP. You have to have served in Vietnam AND have one of the medical conditions recognized by the VA. Its not a burden shared by veterans who served in Vietnam or in the Navy. They called me in for tests numerous times and had me interviewed by a psychiatrist, but other than that I never saw a doctor at the VA. Several months passed and I received a litter from the VA in which a doctor stated that he had examined me and found no diabetes or heart disease. I was in Vietnam during the year 1970. Agent orange was used there in the training areas and the area was not declared clear until 1994. Camp Lejune first 6 months of 71. I was around that Agent Orange. I have Prostate Cancer. Who has those, certainly not the individual service person. Thank you for complying with what had to be forced on you, Mr. Secretary, after thousands of my brothers had to die. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer and prostate cancer. Sol Bobst is a great guy. This in my opinion is a major problem. I had a much smaller exposure than your father and I have lots of Autoimmune diseases as does at least one of my children. , my fathers name was Gary Tollie.USMC The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently added three more presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure bladder cancer, hypothyroidism and Parkinsonism which has the potential to impact many Vietnam veterans who were exposed to the tactical herbicide. But trying very hard to keep him home and providing total cares. He had similar circumstances with diagnosis of Stage IV lung cancer in Nov. 2014 and passed May 2015. I dont know if they will ever wake up and do the right thing for us. I got nothing for that. Even if I never see one additional dollar in compensation, it makes my day to see them put in print that yes, Agent Orange exposure causes Hypothyroidism {Graves] Disease!!! Sorry this award came to late, We are the care takers of what they destroyed fur what, their greed. H.R.2569 - Veterans Agent Orange Exposure Equity Act 117th Congress (2021-2022) Bill Hide Overview More on This Bill Constitutional Authority Statement CBO Cost Estimates [0] Subject Policy Area: Armed Forces and National Security View subjects Summary (1) Text (1) Actions (3) Titles (2) Amendments (0) Cosponsors (14) Committees (1) Every sickness he had was documented in his medical records stating the main cause was due to Agent Orange and Other Health Factors. How about those of us that served in Okinawa and were exposed to AO on the boats that were sent from Vietnam for repairs? Otherwise, I would be working myself until I died. I will however continue to fight until I take my last breath! WASHINGTON - U.S. I think a diagnosis of prostate cancer from agent orange means an automatic 100% disability rating. I finally got FULL VA bendfits 45 years later only because I met a VET in Allentown, pa area and he GUIDED my through the process and actually took me to the Allentown VA and showed me where to go and what to expect when I had to see the PROFESSIONALS. I recently had spinal surgery and it has caused my neuropathy to greatly worsen. I marked it off and put in my Training Jacket. I was freakwently exposed to agent orange. He kept his job until he died. VA took a leg from him before he died of AO related illnesses related to his time on Guam. I have been dealing with them since 2004 with no result. I have heard that also, and was attached to the SeaBees Public Works, at NAS Agana, June 1974-November 1975so there is a chance we used the damned stuff to spray and had not a clue. I have developed arithmia, high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma. Call: 988 (Press 1), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420. Vietnam 69 and 70. A Youngstown man exposed to agent orange settles with the VA but not as he wished. Then the following week I get a letter saying I missed my appt. quadruple bypass Parkinsons like syndrome What about all of us who were stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama ? Nobody told us? Keep fighting my brothers an sisters. 10% for coronary artery disease and bypass surgery? So sorry. My husband died at the age of 88 in Colombia, from a cardiorespiratory arrest, his diagnosis of Epoc, hypothyroidism, Parkinsons, osteoarthritis and Alzhaymer, these were presented to him from 2015 in Colombia, could it be a consciousness of the war chemicals? Hey Angel, Im in the same boat Vietnam 68-69.. 50% disability for same disabilities. During the daily exposure of ground hull bare nonskid surface, we were subject to a daily cloud of toxic particulate matter with only minimal safety protection.
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