It seems as though 2022 started off pretty rough for Tricia and JJ, who were both involved in a serious car accident. Big Chief is one of the wealthiest members of Street Outlaws cast with an estimated worth of $2 million. The four crew members represented on the front page are JJ himself, his wife Tricia, also nicknamed Midget, a woman called Precious, or Queen of the Streets, as well as her younger sister Chelsea. Her free time is rare as she is also racing and making appearances on "Street Outlaws: Memphis." 6. Watch new episodes of Street Outlaws: Memphis Mondays at 8 p.m. People first met JJ Da Boss in 2016 during his appearance in the season 8 of Street Outlaws. 5 4. Copyright 2023 Distractify. 2017). Elliot De Niro Wiki Facts, How Old Is Elliot De Niro? Tricia was sent into three minivan rental cars that were protecting light towers/camera equipment.". Chrisley Knows Best made its return on February 6. He did not shy away right from his debut, coming out as intimidating as he is and challenging the Street Outlaws racers to take on him and his fellow Memphis racers. In Discovery's Street Outlaws, he provided a rare glimpse of his son, Doughboy, while racing on the street with his wife and crew members. Alongside her husband, she steadily rose in rank and reputation. The attached images depicted a gruesome wreck showing both Tricia and JJ's respective red and blue Chevrolet Nova muscle cars absolutely totaled on the side of the road. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Many people enjoy the Discovery Channel television show Street Outlaws, so they'll be disturbed to learn start JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia Day were injured in a car crash while filming an episode in La Villa, Texas. Apart from reality television, Tricia also helps her husband run their repair shop, as she knows her away around a car. JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day are still happily involved with their family, and while there have certainly been ups and downs in their relationship, their bond is as unbreakable as ever. Family is at the core of her values. Why is Tricia from Street Outlaws in a wheelchair? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Tricia Wayne. (wiki/Biography), Doughboy Street Outlaws Age, Height, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth. It is safe to note that JJ Da Boss wife Tricia Day is an American and her age is around the mid 40s. By Andrew Wolf February 12, 2022. Naturally, he was the one who introduced her to street racing. Tricia Day supports her man through and through, and he supports her. She has gotten better and better with each passing episode. After seeing Trisha was back on the racing streets to support her teammates, viewers sent messages of support to welcome her back. Tricia Day with her husband and with their kids. JJ Da Boss is married to Tricia Day, better known by her alias Midget, who has been his long-time partner and wife. Trisha arrived shortly after her husband claimed he wasnt sure whether he would ever go back to the person he was before the car wreck. Wayne had been the owner of Performance Center Auto Repair in Florida since 1988. However, as they both thankfully have, and often use their social media profiles, most of these allegations are quickly put to rest. He not only suffered worrying burns to both hands and his face, but also significant leg injuries. They were driving separate cars when the accident happened on the night of January 12 in South Texas. Dia Nash Age, Height, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Instagram, Net Worth 2023. A couple who appeared on the Discovery Channel's "Street Outlaws Memphis" is suing saying the producers of the show encouraged tense situations which nearly cost a man his life after a fight. Street Outlaws has been airing on the Discovery Channel since 2013 and over the years, many street racers have appeared on the show. Videos In This Playlist First Up 01:10 Under The Hood | Tricia & Heifer 01:01 Under The Hood | Precious & Ziptie 00:56 Presently, the two reside in Memphis, Tennessee with their entire family. Meet her family members and children. Street Outlaws - JJdaboss & Tricia Accident while Filming America's List Season 2 Watch on In 2017, JJ Da Boss was involved in another serious accident while hauling two cars to Arkansas. JJ even took the car for a spin a few times, though no actual race was shown in the video. "I dont race for a living. GRV Media Ltd, 18 Mulberry Avenue, Widnes. One of the most dramatic things that comes to mind regarding these two is the tragic crash that occurred on 12 January 2022, when while filming for Street Outlaws: Americas List, JJs car crashed into and over Tricias, causing them both to be hospitalized for a while, which put them out of business over a somewhat lengthy duration. As a result of the impact, the Chevy situated in the back of the flatbed trailer for the purpose of faster unloading in case its engine needs repairing sprung loose from its straps and rammed the back of the Chevy II. Tricia Day husband JJ Da Boss was bornJonathan Day and his passion for cars burgeoned at an early age. The crew then inspected the vehicles, between the two of which JJs somehow seemed even more damaged, evidently due to the fire that continued eating at his cars engine and peripherals. Tricia was hurt seriously enough that she was taken to the hospital. He also wouldnt dream of abandoning his crew, even if it meant a bigger payday. She was involved in an accident with her husband Jonathan "JJ DaBoss" Day during the filming of Street Outlaws TV show "America's List" last Tuesday night in La Villa, Texas. Tricia Wayne Wheelchair Tricia Wayne is now in a wheelchair following the car accident which involved herself and her husband. "[JJ] asked me one day if I wanted to try it," Tricia recalled. The beautiful racer is, in fact, a married woman. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a300ebb4e30199a As one can infer from taking a look at JJs website, the business is alive and well in their family in late September 2022. Tricia and JJ appear to have had a terrible start to 2022 after being involved in a catastrophic vehicle accident together. Taking risks is second nature to her. As a racer, Precious Cooper has been involved in a number of these races, racing to victory against several men who have underestimated her because of her gender. 'Street Outlaws' premiered back in 2013. JJ Da Boss andTricia Day walked down the aisle after staying in a dating relationship for some time. A post shared by Wendy Davison Smozanek (@wendysmozanek), WATCH STREET OUTLAWS MONDAY AND TUESDAY NIGHTS ON DISCOVERYAT 8 PM, AND GET FREAKY WITH US ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK, Screenshot: Wayne VS Farmtruck For $1,000 | Street Outlaws, Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network. Some might even argue that she has no trouble keeping up with most of the men on Steet Outlaws: Memphis. Tricia and JJ Da Boss were in a car wreck while filming Street Outlaws: Americas List. JJ Da Boss has a towering height and his wife is a bit shorter than him. In the clip, JJ puts $100 down as a bet on . Big Chief, Monza, Jeff Lutz and many more racers have been cast members on Street Outlaws for many seasons. Given the nature of the sport of street racing, the cast can often get themselves into some dangerous situations. 'Street Outlaws' Star JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia got in a car wreck while filming the show TMZ has learned. As of 2023, Ryan Martin has an estimated net worth of $2 million. What is he doing today? He was using a GMC Sierra pickup to haul both of these rigs, and somewhere along the way he fell asleep at the wheel, due to sheer exhaustion. It all started right at the beginning of the race, at which point JJ was noticeably slower than Tricia following the start signal. It also turned out that not everything was sunshine and daisies for JJ either, who was also promptly hospitalized. Both of them are familiar faces on Street Outlaws, a show that airs on the Discovery Channel. When her husband got out, the pair went on to feature on Street Outlaws, Memphis. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. The crash occurred during the filming of Street Outlaws, according to a Facebook post shared by a page called Deep South Street Racing on January 12, 2022. Some more devastating news has hit Street Outlaws fans in 2022 as Wayne Smozanek passed away in February. Lutz is prominently featured on Discovery's Street. "I love Trish. On top of that, Tricia also had hip replacement surgery. Almost made me cry seeing you crying! Is Sister Wives returning for Season 18? The first race between Memphis Street Outlaw and an unnamed Texas racer went south. So he was compelled tohustle, gamble and participate in street races for prize money. You already voted! The age gap between JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia has been one the most talked about ever since she appeared in Street Outlaws Memphis. Tricia Wayne is a Street Outlaws reality Tv star ( Source : distractify ) Following the accident, Tricia was immediately taken to the Texas hospital. I will post the funeral arrangements soon!. Mike Cockrell Moonshiners Wife, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth 2023. They were supposed to not use their legs at all for a minimum of six months, which would mean theyd only be able to walk in late June. 124 Followers, 20 Following, 3 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Trisha Wayne (@trishajoywayne) PAY ATTENTION: Don't miss trending Kenyan news. Noah Shannon Green Age, Height, Wikipedia, Gender (2023 Updates), 4kpapi Age, Birthday, Real Name, Wikipedia, Net Worth 2023, Juliet Joslin Age, Birthday, Height, Wikipedia, Julian Casablancas Ex-Wife, Instagram, Jenna MacGillivray Age, Height, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Who is 'Street Outlaws' Chris Kamikaze? Cant wait to see you back behind the wheel in Heifer again and be SAFE sweetie! reacted a viewer. Day kept crying out in pain as the rest of the crew stood around her and watched in disbelief, some putting their hands behind their heads and feeling evidently helpless in the matter. "We dont script anything, you know?" Street Outlaws star Wayne Smozanek was a fan favourite on the show and had a passion for monster trucks, he created the original Tropical Thunder truck. The 1981 Chevy El Camino is a very special car for the Oklahoma team in "Street Outlaws". Cloudflare Ray ID: 7a300f07ca378a4a Street Outlaws: Are JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day still together? Since the crash, JJ said on the show he doesnt know whether hell ever get the part of himself back that was there before the incident. Patricia 'Tricia' Day, otherwise known as the 'Midget', is the wife of Jonathan Day popularly known as JJ Da Boss. February 12, 2022 UPDATE TRICIA WAYNE after crash America's List 2 Memphis Street Outlaws JJ da Boss 248,262 views Feb 21, 2022 2.4K Dislike Share Outlaw Media 9.35K subscribers NOTE: The. "Its what we done on Sundays After you get out of church, go to the spot and everybodys out there street racing. As the 46-year-old said, he isnt in it for the money which is why you wont see him racing around a professional track. Trying to avoid his face being burned, JJ steered the car any way he could so as to simply slow down as much as possible. Precious posing for a picture with a fan. She thanked her co-stars on the Discovery show for sending well-wishes and support. The. Likewise, talking about her weight she is about 140 lbs at the moment. Who is JJ Da Boss' Wife? The #StreetOutlaws: America's List season finale starts tonight at 8p on @Discovery and @discoveryplus. This makes JJ Da Boss wife Tricia Day a very formidable driver on Street Outlaws. Some people would go as far as seeking comforts in the arms of new lovers. The man himself said for that Its probably going to cost me 15 to 20,000 dollars to get it back. "Trisha [sic] Wayne is in the worst shape, so yall keep praying for the MSO family. It was renewed for a 13th season in 2019 and JJ Da Boss is considered a top cast member this season. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Download the TMZ App on the Apple App Store, Download the TMZ App on the Google Play Store. Caption: JJ Da Boss' net worth and married life Tricia Wayne, known as JJ Da Boss wife on Street Outlaws, appeared on the latest episode in a wheelchair. In late August 2017, JJ was transporting his 1949 Chevrolet pickup Ole Heavy and 1966 Chevy II Heifer on the way to a racetrack in Arkansas. The reality TV star,JJ Da Boss, dedicated a significant part of his life into racing. 2 DAYS AGO. A source with knowledge tells TMZ both were injured in the collision. Street Outlaws: Memphis star Josh "Doughboy" Day . But in the end, none of that really mattered. As such, it has seen the star win several races. ", The ladies, along with JJ, have been pals since childhood, and Precious is even the godmother of Tricias children. They were both injured in the incident. She's been racing since she was tall enough to reach the gas pedal. The admin simply stated Yall keep praying for JJ Da Boss and his wife Trish last night they were filming Americas List and they both crashed Trisha Wayne is in the worst shape so yall keep praying for the MSO family they need it right now Streetracin is real Guys just like JJ says tonight you could die and he means it So be careful to all yall street racers.. wheel | 826K views, 13K likes, 3.7K loves, 1.2K comments, 1.3K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Street Outlaws: Welcome home, Tricia Wayne! 1,384 views • February 21, 2022. As such, they became a force to be reckoned with. Tricia gifted a necklace to the racer who gets the number one spot in the race, which was later received by Ryan Martin. David told me that in any other situation the car would be totaled, but because Ive owned it for so long I bought the car when I was 20-something years old and it has a lot of sentimental value I wanted to fix it at all costs. This is precisely what he did, but not to the amusement of his family and loved ones, all of whom were shocked to hear what happened. JJ prides himself as one of the fastest men in the racing world, his wife, Tricia, is also a racer as well. She helps me as much as I help her. Click to reveal Christian was found guilty of trafficking meth and was charged with seven counts by District Court, including a gun charge and one count of conspiracy. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. "She brought a lot of happiness to my life. She revealed being in a wheelchair looks bad but its temporary and told cast members: Youve given me so much support and it truly helps me get through every day. Immediately after their crash, neither Tricia nor JJ spoke out about what went down nor what their recovery processes entailed. Tricia is an awesome woman., WATCH STREET OUTLAWS ON DISCOVERY EVERY MONDAY AT 8 PM, AND GET FREAKY WITH US ON INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK, Screenshot: Season Finale of Street Outlaws: America's List, Street Outlaws Facebook. How much does she earn as a professional racer? He hailed from Jupiter, Florida and he and his wife, Wendy, appeared on the Discovery Channel show. After colliding with multiple rental cars at a mind-boggling speed, Tricia sustained various injuries all over her body. An update was posted on the Deep South Street Racing Facebook page on January 14, which stated: JJ Da Boss is out of the hospital. The page also added details that the racer suffered burns to his hands and face. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for both JJ and Tricia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She is doing well financially When it comes to her personal wealth, Mallory Gulley is doing. Performance & security by Cloudflare. JJ Da Boss and Tricia were in a car wreck in 2022. Tricia Day is JJ Da Boss Wife. Teens Crash Through Overpass In Stolen Car 2023 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. She is skilled, charismatic, outspoken and bold. His fortune is accumulated from the television show titled "Street Outlaws" and from his racing career. Since the incident, Trisha hasnt been present during filming, making her recent appearance the first update in a while. Jeff Lutz, who appears on the show Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel, was injured in a car crash, according to Hot Rod Magazine. He crashed into a concrete culvert around Newport, Arkansas at approximately 55mph (88kmh). JJ is. He is very fortunate to make this amount of wealth from his pure hard work and dedication. JJ Da Boss even owns66 Chevy II Nova; the car was slightly damaged in his recent accident. 'Street Outlaws' Star Jason Cantu's Life Revolves Around Modifying and Racing Cars, 'Street Outlaws': Let's Unpack the Alleged Feud Between Larry Larson and Jeff Lutz, Breaking Down the Ages of Every Single Current 'Street Outlaws' Cast Member. 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. But the car is really Tricia Day's first choice to get behind the steering wheel and tear up the short street tracks. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Despite all that, she looks drastically younger than her spouse. Social media posts in January 2022 showed JJ Da Boss and Tricia had been in a car wreck. Memphis Street Outlaws driver Tricia Day has been released from the hospital in Texas on Monday. It was her first public appearance following months of convalescing, and the crew were obviously stoked to see her. ", The duo went on to have four children: three daughters and one son. She thanked fans for their cheerful wishes and support during that difficult time and finally confirmed the extent of her and JJ's injuries from the crash. Where is Lashanta White from My 600-lb Life now? Tricia on Street Outlaws: Memphis is married to team leader JJ Da Boss. His Heifer rig took the most significant blow in the ordeal, requiring an almost complete rebuild of both its front and rear chassis sections. Lets not forget, they had to deal with JJs eight-year incarceration. Her husband, Jonathan Day, has a reported net worth of $1 million. Reportedly, Tricia Day stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. JJ Da Boss wife Tricias life and career took a major turn when her husband was sent to prison for causing an accident. "No amount of money could hire me to go and be with another group or another city," JJ shared. No wonder they make such a good couple. The Labors Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that race car drivers make somewhere in the region of $16,020 to $166,400. Tricia Day Wikipedia page does not exist. How tall is JJ Da Boss? ", As for JJ and Precious, the pair has and always will be strictly platonic. Tricia possesses all the qualities one needs to be an accomplished racer. Tricia turned up to the recent episode of Street Outlaws: Americas List in a wheelchair, which left viewers questioning what happened to her. Unfortunately, JJ and Tricia were involved in a nasty accident while filming Street Outlaws: America's List. JJ himself obviously had a literal wake-up call, and only avoiding grave injury through sheer luck sustaining only a broken hand and rib, along with a few minor cuts and bruises. We don't know her condition.
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