Hey guys I looking for a job after I finished me ASP program please need help text me or call me at+18162998836, Please if some know what company hire after I finished ASP program, completed SAP program does anyone know of any companies that will rehire in Ga or otherwise. I know this because I am one of these drivers, I've went through the same thing and I finally found this company. Las Vegas area. 1-5 Months My number is 7656671082. I still have another year of numerous random test to take because I tested positive once in 36 years of randoms. DUI or reckless driving in any motor vehicle; Our drivers run 5 days per week with weekends off. Drug tests depend on the employer and some jobs are known for being less restrictive. T x .. Then they say 2 days later i failed a urine test for thc.. No one is going to say who will hire you because if you find one you are damn lucky. Email: info@usa-truck.com. Got return to duty test done and such. From there I looked up a SAP provider in my area be prepared to pay 400-600 for your SAP program mabie even more depending on your situation. Just now found out about it have been driving since 2016. I'm from around wi looking for regional. I've completed my sap class November 2015 I just need to know who will hire. This was 5 months ago and I've been working landscaping but now that winter time is coming I need to start driving again. I have a spotless driving record and my former driver manager will give a good work reference. "The truck police" you could call them. Yes Jerry there are trucking companies that will hire you after completing the Substance Abuse Program. just looking for a company that Will take me on a train me. Under a government program established by the Second Chance Act, training and employment may be an option with certain types of trucking companies. Looking for work after completing sap program.. Good MVR. 1 Year Currently looking for non-cmw employment until SAP process is complete. Thank you Clearinghouse for ruining any chance of me getting my family forward. Failed preemployment test I have 6mo. We put sap drivers back to work! Im open to all responses.", I read a post from May 11 th Driver have information on lease purchase operator position 3k to 6k Ive been driving 25 years and forgot I took pain medicine from a old back injury. The Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is a person who evaluates employees who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol program regulation and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare. Best For Sign-on Bonus: Maverick Transportation. I have had no luck finding a company that will hire me. Give us a call today 404-600-1450. Do someone no somebody who will hire me . I'm was returning to the field after 20 yrs. Trucking Jobs in 30 seconds. OTR Driver - 1099 - 60 cpm - No Forced Dispatch - SAP Friendly Smart Freight Express Inc. United States $1,500 - $2,000 a week Smart Freight Express Inc. website 7.Trucking company that hire after completing SAP Program with no 8.Trucking Companies That Will Hire After Sap Program; 9.Are there trucking companies that will hire new drivers that - Quora; 10.Now hiring SAP drivers Any names of the trucking company will be good i also have disability. We run all 48 states! We are the only company explaining the SAP/Return to Duty process. feel free to call me at 334-314-5656 or email at quezopresto9@gmail.com, My name is Justin i have about 15 months of otr experience. Thanks in advance. My name is Ken, I just completed SAP program, I live in Leavenworth, Kansas. I'm looking for any company position in the Martinsburg, WV or Hagerstown, MD area running OTR, Regional, Local, whatever. I'm an OTR DRIVER with 2 years experience. I have help many people on this forum in this past year and Im here to help those who life just happened. You can text me at 682-230-3134, Iam from Austin tx.i recently finish the Sap PROGRAM. For pre-qualification: TEXT 678-722-3027 Quick Look: * This is a trucking position . Update guys Now my list includes 32 companies thatll hire you after the sap Program. I am a recent truck driving school graduate. I'm looking for a list of companies that will hire me I've been looking since November 2015 . If anybody is willing to allow me to work for them Im here! I like drive 3000 or more miles a week. People going through this program reminds me of the people of Egypt. I am a sap graduate after a random refusal last year. Looking for a company to take a chance on me. Must have a clean driving record and drive with me for 3 weeks then I will front you the money for you to get your own truck. After I was told I failed which is literally impossible, I waited the appropriate amount of time and got an underarm hair follicle test through USDTL. @ 8452353114 phone or text. That's good I been in same boat 2 years ago and go hired by company n south carolina where I stay so I'm just letting time pass while work as cdl truck driver home every night off weekends making 70k year for now most company like it to 3 or 5 years old they they're hired u if u .. Hey Ive recently went through my rtd process and was searching for a company to hire Im dedicated to working and driving, I recently graduated from CDL school and have a class A driver license so if anyone can help please contact me at +12253499057 thanks. If anyone can help please text or call 9198238579 a. I have 7-8 years of over the road experience. Im looking for a second chance . Or you can join OUR SAP DRIVER DATABASE BY visiting our website: https://www.lotrrecruiting.com/truck-drivers, I have 21 months otr experience. IntroductionEach year, 8 of the best first-year master's degree students in science, engineeringSee this and similar jobs on LinkedIn. 405-249-7523, Just finishing the SAP program coming out of. If you know of any please email me at Aaliyah.beloved83@gmail.com. Are there any trucking companies that will hire me? I just took my Return to Duty drug test yesterday for a company of REAL nice people. (A little of local and flatbed experience.) We have been waiting to work with a trucking company that is hiring drivers right out of the SAP Program. Zeitner and Sons is hiring experienced class-A CDL truck drivers for over the road and regional truck driving jobs. Please call me 2194339595. Just got my CDL and looking for a sap friendly company I have no experience I'm fresh out of school, Just got my CDL and Looking for a sap friendly company I have no experience, Hello I'm out of fresno california. I'm hoping some employer will be able to help. How Much Does a Propane Truck Driver Make? Company's That Hire Driver After The Go Through DOT SAP PROGRAM Company's that hire driver after the go through DOT SAP PROGRAM Page 1 of 1 Scott G. Stockton, MO Experienced Driver Posts: 1 Joined Us: 3 years, 7 months ago 3 years, 7 months ago Failed a pre employment drug screen back in 2017. I was luck that I wrk same trucking company the whole time never be fire completed all steps why still employed so I been completed 3half years ago I drive as o/o now, 2 years OTR experience X'endorsement finished all 6 steps in SAP program. Im willing to take whatever 7044905526, @jerry I been though same thing 3 years ago must or them u have a wait time between 12 to.60month5years or wait one 1year after completing.. Buddymoore trucking out Alabama headquarters have a terminal Anderson South Carolina but u have have one year of cdl experience and have completed all steps in RTD testing but most companies u have wait 2 to 5 years before they can hire u or less it a local small company. Hello my name is Mike Teer I am a cdl class a driver who has 9+ months experience. Can any one help me or lead me to a school that will train me. Any names of the trucking company will be good. Any companies hiring ? And yes it was the most expensive joint I have ever smoked. Every month 400 people find a job with the help of TruckersReport. The only requirement from the company is you have to have one year OTR experience. The safety manager told me if I take the class i still have my job.. Ya I paid a lady 750.00 told them what they wanted to hear she sent me to dude another 180.00 for 2hrs just for him to say he felt like he knew me..Anyway yes it'll take time but keep trying and God Be With You.. I am in my 28th year of trucking. yeah i messed up by walking out of the clinic but the dr shouldnt have been rude to me but anyway i am looking for work this crap isnt even on my clearinghouse or my dac or psp report, I just completed the SAP program, and Im having a hard time trying to find a job. I had paper work proving hydrocodone was given in er but considering I didn't have an prescription for it, kllm wouldn't accept the paper work that I had, they reported to federal agency that I failed the drug test. Contact me with good news. My wife was meeting me at the yard anyways to give me my food for the week etc. God said, forgive and that's what's wrong with this world. I only have three months of experience. 4 Be at least 21 years old. We help drivers get a Second Chance. Its very difficult 916-896-8917 Rick. I failed a drug drug test after being a new hire for 3 weeks. I got hired back in February by a fleet out of Griffith IN. Cookie Policy | Anyone knows who will hire me email me at Dontariushightower34@icloud.com . On my last job I successfully passed 7 randoms. I live in San Antonio and I called (832) 906-8947 if this helps anyone but they can help you nationwide along with Nicole! Driver age - Under 21 Interstate Truck Drivers. I just posted about my very recent experience. Will have SAP process completed on Wednesday 5/5/21 rickburns416@gmail.com, If you have roughly two years of Driving Experience with one year OTR experience and you had to go through the sap program text me at (859)-314-1961 and let's see what we can do about getting you back on the road this is a OTR position run for 2 weeks before going home. I completed the sap program and is looking for a sprinter van/ cargo van job ready to get back on the road. I want piece of mind. ASML Hsinchu County, Taiwan, Taiwan 3 hours ago Be among the first 25 applicants See who ASML has hired for this role . . Passed. In disbelief how no one disclose the informative that you can't get another job after the SAP PROGRAM. I don't know how to use this site - I know that 'my generation' is supposed to be tech savy, well I am not lol, so please if you see this, EMAIL ME (: I have 16 years experience otr in the sap program have all my endorsements no tickets no accidents just trying to get back on the road please call or help my cell is 251 3779837, Hello,I just recently had go thru a SAP program..I failed my pre-employment urine test on 12/6/2021..Completed SAP program around Jan.15 2022..I'm not on any drugs or have been,I ended up failing because second hand smoke literally..Now it's like,everywhere I look its a dead end and false hopes.Im on RTD step 4 only 5&6 left..If there is anybody or company that will help me get back in a truck call me or text 4043228736..I also have 3yrs Experience with Dryvan..If you know anywhere point me in the right direction..Thanks, Hey I emailed you - its coming from (and anyone here that sees this, also please reach out!) after that you'll do a follow up meeting with your sap . If interested give me a call at (404) 357-3414 my name is Mike, Ill give you all the details, I'm looking for a new job driving but sap program has been my downfall I have been driving since 2003 with a clean mvr.me my wife and kids went on vacation to see my dad for the first time I was a little bit nervous so I stopped into a CBd store got some gummy not knowing that it had thc in the came back from vacation went work an had to do a random drug test I failed I was devastated so I followed all the rules now I'm trying to find s job that well hire me and that my testimony. I have done the sap program myself and it took me four months to find a company that will take me and we'll do the return to duty process as well please text 859-314-1961 all the company requirement is 1 year OTR experience. Each company we work with has specific experience requirements for their drivers. God work in mysterious ways. First time I supposedly failed, when I had quit for 48 days before the test.Does anyone know of a trucking company that will give a man a second chance..No points or accidents on record ever..been driving since 1982 any info will be appreciated.text 336-829-0013 or email wheelertombo@gmail.com, i am currently completing a 6 week class with 4 weeks left. Is it just 6 months after a positive or refusal, or after SAP? I completed the SAP program in February and I am looking for someone to give me an opportunity to show that I am a hard worker not a slacker and my work stability history shows. I just completed a sap program it's been 7 years since I've tested positive for marijuana and at a pre-employment trucking School and I was wondering what trucking companies will hire me I have one accident on my driving report too out of Illinois any help would be appreciated, I just completed a sap program it's been 7 years since I've tested positive for marijuana and at a pre-employment trucking School and I was wondering what trucking companies will hire me I have one accident on my driving report to out of Illinois any help would be appreciated. Within two weeks I received several offers, now Im back on the road. .70 cents per mile with 3,000-3,700 ( wirh recap )consistent miles . We hire all throughout the country, and will fly drivers in for orientation if standards are met. I indulged in activity that I now embarrassingly should of known better..I was called in for a random during my time off. Celebrated first boy after 2 girls. Y'all out there it will get better. Then you have to take 6 random for a year. As of January 6th, 2023, the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse has collected three years worth of data. We also consider qualified applicants with criminal histories, consistent with applicable federal, state and local law. They also allow your old employer to fire you even if you're in compliance. Hello everyone. Attention SAP Drivers We have limited openings left read all below be sure you qualify and in hiring area first!!! Needing to find a trucking job after sap program. I was coming off of home time and was not in control of a CMV. Is the a chance to put my truck back to work after the sap program?. Hello everyone, I been looking everywhere for help and I finally found it. Failed pre-employment drug test while on vacation. Please call me 2194339595. In CDL School Now Best For Overall: Melton Truck Lines, Inc. Best For Truck Driver Apprenticeship: Werner Enterprises. Really looking to get the second chance I've been working for. Deliveries throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Kern County, Orange County,and Nevada. Live in Chicago area, ready to go OTR. quit my former employer and after i resigned and turned in keys and took all my personals from truck they tell me i need to do a random.i stated that i had already quit earlier that morning and fleet had my resignation.got hit with a refusal. The next day they sent me to Amanda City to get a truck. My record has been clean for years no accidents only a log violation that gave me 3 points but I had that removed, I have trained drivers very strict in safety. Hello my name is Dontarius Hightower and im currently a SAP Graduate with 0 experience. I am hazmat endorsed, tanker endorsed, combo endorsed. Hi there, we here at Timbaktoo Trucking hire individuals who have gone through the SAP process. I just completed sap and need rtd and follow ups. 30 plus yrs OTR and over 3million verifiable safe miles, this November 2020 I was enjoying scheduled time off working on a hopeful investment property and doing a little hunting.I had been hanging out having a few beers with hired workers on the house we are renovating.. Failed due to medication and completed the program. Most of this is because the industry is ignorant about what happens when this happens. I'm out of Eagan, Minnesota but our head quarter is in Canada.. I have a rollover on my record but that was a year ago and that sucks too !!! Without your consent employers will not be able to contact with job offers, would you like to opt-in now? The Owner is super cool too. Ive accepted that it was a mistake and am looking forward to moving past that situation. I have over 11 years verifiable driving experience. Crete Carrier. But I chose a warehouse that I use to deliver to near my house to work at while I went through the sap program. if any companies are hiring please txt me 724-323-7569. With two years of hauling fuel with no accidents and zero points. Ive been looking for months. I know the deal with all that BS. Seeking a second chance. I have 6 years of experience with CDL A and looking for something local to get back into my career. If anyone knows of anyone please call or text 6156750751 please and thank you, I have a company with an open door. I want to make more than that. I recently failed a pre employment drug test I went through all of the steps I needed to find an employer that will take me and do the return to duty after a long and exhaustive search I came across a company called surety transportation they took me with no question gave me a lease purchase truck making 80% on all my loads brokered and dedicated with runs back-and-forth from the Midwest to the South They have drivers from all over the country and everyone is making money i couldn't be happier and no they don't know I'm posting this I'm just trying to look out for the next driver sice I know how hard it can be. George-Fikes LLC - Hiring CDL A Drivers We, Company assistance to help company drivers become independent contractors. MAN IF YOU OWN YOUR OWN TRACTOR OUT IF NO RENT ONE YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN SAP JUST GET A DOT NUMBER WITH KELLER DOT AUTHORITY EXPERTS.THEN GO TO. I Have a clean driving record, no accidents, and 1 speeding 5 MPH over the limit. I completed truck driving school and have my CDL class A license. Experience running OTR with doubles and 53ft vans also hauling tankers. Were do you stay we have another truck open and looking for a hard running driver who can put up at least 3500 miles a week.. We are a damn good company with the miles but I'm getting tested 6 times out of a year, i am i a sap class now when i get out i have a truckn job waitn on me to get out of sap god will give u another change put god first he will awsner ur prayers yes they will hire you, I Completed SAP and having a hard time getting back on the road. I live in Brighton, CO and I'm looking for possible local and/or regional positions. Just now found out about it have been driving since 2016. There are also second chance trucking companies that hire after a failed drug test even if the applicant has a criminal history. No accidents at all. I haven't done drugs in over 30 yrs. I had my job 14 years, I got randomly tested and failed a test. I'm looking for a sap friendly company. My name is Maninder. It took a week to get the results back. The problem is you do NOT have to have taken even a single Tylenol in your LIFE. To make a long story short I came back dirty on the ua I finished my sap in November my sap counselor after evaluating me knew what I already knew I'm not a smoker was just one of those things I had my return to duty status given to me I'm ready to go but I don't what's in my dac I mean does it say I failed for marijuana does it say I failed to comply this was a pre employment drug test and I'm worried I blew my 11year career to hell can someone guide me on this I'm lost if I guse it will be hi welcome to McDonald's, Looking for company to hire me . He is a 55 yr old man and has never done drugs of any kind nor does he drink. Any opportunities? The city that I went to pick up my truck was Kansas City. If any one has answer can yall let me know please. So at this moment I am waiting for the results of both tests. - SimplyHired; 4.what trucking companies will hire me after i have completed a SAP 5.SAP Program Drivers Hired at Great Plains! Best For Employee Owned: TMC Transportation. Must be able to pass SUPERVISED RTD drug test. I failed a drug test for pre employment and I recently completed my SAP and Im looking to work ASAP. It also manages Amtrak, the national railroad system, and the Coast Guard. If you are looking for a family orientated company to help set you up for a Return To Duty drug screen and get you back on the road give us a call at 224-788-3090. I have completed SAP and I am just looking to get to driving. Any one hiring out of Tampa, St.Pete Florida, finished Sap program months ago and struggling to find a company that accepts sap drivers. One company did call but wouldn't hire me because it wasn't cannabis. Ive got 7 years driving experience and no accidents no tickets! Add on to my previous post the company do require at least one year OTR experience please text 859 314 1961, I have been through the sap program myself it took me months to find a company that will take me the company I work for the guy wearing his own Trucking and recruiting company I've just been informed that there have been several companies that he recruit for added 4-8 new truck to their Fleet needing driver ASAP every company he recruits for takes sap program drivers please text me at 859 314 1961 would love to talk to you and get you in a truck within a week to a week, If anyone is looking for a job, there is a company that I run for out of Mississippi that takes sap graduates. This trucking company hires Class A CDL Truck Drivers after the SAP Program or DOT Substance Abuse Program. On April 6 I was laid off by YRC,union, seniority thing. . CDL Driver (SAP ok) Trucking People CDL Driver (SAP ok). Dont worry they have a team that fix the logs !! Im out of New York. I failed a pre employment drug test looking for a company that will give me a second chance Im based out of Illinois I just finished the SAP program if anyone knows of a big or small company please text me, 1 year OTR experience can get you back on the road after the sap program please text 859-314-1961 and I will get back with you ASAP. I have 1-2 months of experience if anybody knows how I can get a job please let me know. Since then. I failed a drug test with a company back in sept.2017 I've done the sap program. I have completed a SAP program. Driver here out of the Baltimore ares. So when the results came back I went down on that Monday April 13.. I dont do drugs I dont even drink, Mind you this is a matter of 15 minutes of finishing taking the test but they wanted me to take another one. Thank you ahead of time and it is greatly appreciated. Life sucked. Document and log work/rest periods and miles spent driving and retain fuel/toll receipts. This is a trucking position for a CDL-A tractor trailer, truck driver. Hello, my name is Ahmil Thompson. I completed SAP program last month having hard time finding a job. Hi This is Mrs. Jerri with Life on the Road Recruiting - my team and I have educated, consulted and helped thousands of SAP Drivers understand what to do next after a violation in the clearinghouse. Contact me at chancesr4life@yahoo.com, and I will be glad to forward your contact information and have someone contact you ASAP if you are in hiring areas.It's OTR regional or dedicated. It's a fact that convicts on parole are treated better than drivers that have tested positive. I have completed all but step 6 of the SAP process. I do not have any experience under my belt. A list of second chance trucking companies includes Carolina Cargo, Western Express, Maverick Transportation, Prime Inc., Southern Refrigerated Transport and more. My name is Gary I failed a random test positive for THC Im a hard worker I stay out 3 months at a time and only take 3 days off every 3 months! Some trucking companies hire after sap is completed or rehire if the trucker had been fired from their company. Looking for a company that will hire out of Florida I have about 15 yrs just trying to get back to work now if you can help let me know thank you have refer/dry/tanker experience.. 386-248-5344, I need help finding work I just got out of trucking school cr England I was in a hotel for a month with no mentor so I job search and found a job I went back to Texas and they hit me with a refuse to test I'm done with sap and looking for work any info would be great call me at (903) 244-9406 names David. Hey I am looking for a good trucking company after my sap program. Apply to Truck Driver, Warehouse Manager, Commercial Sales Executive and more! So now I am just trying to find a company that will give me a shot and train me to drive and use my CDL. You understand what SAP Drivers have to go through to get a second chance at trucking. Im 56 years old and my last company will give me a good reference! Trucking Comp. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates drivers who fail a drug test to complete evaluations and substance abuse programs (SAPs) before operating a truck again for any employer. Please I have a family. With sap please contact safety compliance plus El Mirage Arizona they can help u get back to work even if unemployed testing can be done no matter what state u live n, I graduate next week from SAP and need help with a company that will hire me I'm in Arizona please if anyone knows a good company let me know 6613793871, Are there any companies that will hire Class B drivers. i recently failed a dot preemployment drug screen and i went through the sap program and im finished with classes and now im trying to get back on the road.can anyone point me in the right direction? I need work asap someone please help ! Went through the sap again now i just need to do a rtd. Quicklook: Best Trucking Companies Hiring Inexperienced Drivers. What companies honor the sap graduates please any info would be nice, Go to Prime Inc website Check out qualifications GOOD LUCK. Have 3 years experience driving flat beds and frac pumps/ tractortrailers around TX, Louisiana and New Mexico. Job Listing Rules. According to the FMCSA your first 6 randoms/ test have to be uploaded into clearing house, yes. I was in a similar situation as a lot of people on here, I failed a pre employment drug screen for thc. I went my whole life not ever doing any drugs of any sort. Failed a drug test to get into truck driving school, passed the second one got my cdl then learned I had to complete an sap program to get a job. I completed the SAP program and Im looking for a second chance at driving. We are a growing company call Gary at 256-479-0105, MY RECRUITER CAN HELP ANYONE. I will bet the fools that make these rules cannot pass a random or alcohol test. For better or worse - there are (still) SO MANY APPLICANTS in the industry (both new and experienced) that most companies will take a PASS on a SAP returnee, based on RISK and the fact that they have to be STRICTLY MONITORED for a period of time after return (and it's just not worth the additional hassle). I enroll in truck driving school and they took a drug test on the first day I had a permit already just needing the truck training done but anyway I failed the test. If you have around a year and a half of driving experience and recently graduated the sap program and now need the RTD or have done it and you're in the follow-up drug screen process please text me at 859-314-1961 and let me see if I can help you get back on the road thank you and have a good day, I just completed CDL classes I was hit with a refusal on a pre employment on my first jobim going through the SAP program..ate there any companies or owner operators looking for new drivers out of sap ..willing to work hard. Please help. I was chosen. I was working at a local p&d company and on my last day as I was leaving they tried get me with a random but I couldnt stay I had an appointment to take a pre employment drug test for a different job so I left. Accident free award x 20 years. This up and coming trucking company sets a good example for other companies to follow. I am new to South Orange,NJ. I've completed SAP counseling and am currently on step 4. In order for you to receive the best possible offers, please make sure your answers above are accurate prior to submitting. Asking for an unsure driver who knows they have stage fright. Why should you join our team? Last month I was on my way to a doctor's appointment and my boss asked me to do a voluntary drug test. Check out our help videos for a better understanding of our forum features. If you are interested shoot me a text at 909.570.7405. Six plus years of OTR experience. If anyone knows a company that will give me a chance please text or call me (334)339-0405, I finish the sap program I just need a job Im looking if anyone can help pls contact me . 704-464-3829 . Best For Onboard Tech: U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. - Match Now. Hello. Im on my 5 step of my sap program. He couldnt " go" when asked due to dehydration and meds so it was considered a positive result. So I was let go. It has been almost 2 years since the last violation. If interested, call (219)-554-8231, Hi Im a truck driver class A cal I have over a year and half experience Otr and I have completed my sap a month ago I live in Salt Lake City Utah 365-465-9990 contact me, Walk out of school and hit with a refusal of test. I just completed school in July 2016 never driven trucks but have CDL. 6018964361, I help sap drivers get back on the road more efficiently, O https://www.paypal.com/invoice/p/#INV2-J2HQ-L4RC-L4JP-YYJ6, Check out this review of American River Wellness on Google Maps. Could you please clarify for me a bit more what you meant? I dont smoke or drink at all, Hello my name is Frederick Townley. WILLING TO TEAM WITH ONE COMPANY. is brian haney still married, mugdock reservoir swimming,
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