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Psychotherapeutic Work With Spouses With Alcoholism Experience

Nataša Rijavec Klobučar
Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana

Alcoholism of partners is a common problem of spouses in life. The problem of excessive alcohol consumption is either present in the lives of spouses or they face the consequences of alcoholism from the primary family. Researches show that alcoholism in the family has negative consequences for the development of children, regardless of whether the family atmosphere is full of stress, violence and pain or alcohol brings relaxation and joy. Parental alcoholism provides a special dysfunctional environment to which the child adapts through unconscious mechanisms. With inappropriate patterns of interconnectedness, the child later enters into intimate partnerships, where repressed emotional states from childhood begin to awaken in order to resolve them. Based on a case study of psychotherapeutic work using the method of a relational family with spouses, it studies the depth and intensity of internal attachment to primary caregivers and analyzes the way emotions are regulated. Repeating repressed emotions in relationships brings with it the ability to process negative emotions from childhood and reshape strategies to manage painful emotions. However, regulating a person's strong emotional tension before resorting to alcohol contributes to a different way of connecting in partnerships and overcoming the pattern of intoxication.



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