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Gesture As An Auxiliary Tool In Treatment of Children With Asd

Lidia Krisskaya
Alma Mater Europaea - Dance Academy

This paper is based on a series of observations regarding the perception and subsequent use of gestures in autistic children in the process of learning and communication. A gesture is understood as a process associated with the creation of a meaningful message through an initiated movement. The autistic child, repeating the speaker's gestures, tries to understand the meaning of the explained behavioral situation. By memorizing these gestures, he can use them depending on the situation when appropriate behavior is required of him. The study of dance combination is the creation of a semiotic context. A similar creation of a common context happens in the process of explaining new behavioral situations with the help of gestures to autistic children. While teaching such children, emphasis should be placed on the practical use of gestures, thereby developing in these children the ability to construct meanings and understand behavioral situations by linking them with the gesture movement.



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