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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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It's Never Too Late To Find Meaning

Pavliha Marko
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport

The title point of the lecture will be justified by a brief sketch of the possibilities and methods of spreading consciousness in the spirit of saying "help yourself and God - cosmic intelligence, greatness, space, destiny, etc. - will help you". Every man, perhaps especially in older age, can do things for himself to make life easier and better. It is, of course, a mutual process, because we are all intertwined, and the attitude of society (especially state or politics, as well as the profession, etc.) must contribute to getting out of the bad vicious circle and establishing good compassionate and solidarity-based cooperation. The lecture will be based on the book Beyond Materialistic Belief: Spiritual Drama (GV Zalo┼żba, 2021), which is based on the hypothesis that the essence of humanism, law, ethics, morality, civilisation and survival is man, and if we want more values to be true, every every person must improve, including by internalizing local and global duties and responsibilities. I will support the hypothesis with some of the latest scientific discoveries about man and holistic consciousness, ancient Chinese, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian writings, reflections of newly-awakened practitioners and experts, and his own synthesis with a hint of originl+nal.



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