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Domestic Violence During The Pandemic Covid-19 With Emphasis On Elder Abuse and Neglect - Comparative Review In Our Country and Other Countries

Vilma Alina Bezenšek
Assistant Director, International School for Social and Business Studies

A systematic review of literature and of information from key organizations was conducted to provide an overview of what is known about elder mistreatment in disaster situations, identify research gaps and to discuss possible policy interventions. This virus affects a number of areas such as economics, politics, health, education, law, social and family life etc. While there has been growth in recent years in research on prevalence, incidence and risk factors for morbidity and mortality of seniors in disasters and on elder abuse, research specifically on elder abuse and neglect in disaster situations was limited. This article includes general information about Covid -19, mainly domestic violence during the pandemic around the world. Domestic violence is violence or other abuse in a domestic setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. Domestic violence also involves violence against children, parents, or the elderly. Partly on forced isolation, and much more on already broken family relationships and values, there is a risk that the pandemic will have lasting consequences for many families. This is exactly the central theme of this paper. Writing the paper we used relevant literature in Slovenian and foreign language from various databases such as Pubmed, WofS, ERIC, SD etc.



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