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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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Ethical Aspects Concerning The Use of Therapeutic Robots In Older Adults With Dementia (the Case of The Therapeutic Robot Paro)

Ksenija Širec
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

The paper is dealing with the problem of ethical aspects of therapeutic robots in elderly people with dementia, with a special emphasis on the therapeutic robot Paro. Usage of robotics in patients care is opening wide new range of possibilities to optimize the life of the patients and is also relieving medical staff. Paro is advanced interactive robot, developed by leading Japanese pioneer industry automation Takanori Shibata. The purpose of the robot Paro is stress reduction in the patients and the encouragement of interactions between patients and medical staff. Despite the high set goals of the robot, there are concerns about patient rights and autonomy. Autonomy also highlights Code of Ethics for Nurses in Slovenia and deontological ethical approach which we will analyse in connection with the people suffering from dementia and the usage of robotics in geriatrics and geriatric Healthcare. For this we will be using descriptive method and the method of analysis. Studies made on this topic explain that the usage of therapeutic robot Paro enables better interaction with other people and encourages their mind capability. The purpose of this kind of robot is not just fun, it is also helping, guidance, providing therapy and training for a better day to day life of the person with dementia. Research have shown that especial for elderly people the robot has positive impact, even if they realize that it is a robot. In this case we will use the method of compilation. Studies show that the robot can calm the patients and reduces the risk for physical or emotional damage, so we would like to emphasize his potential as therapeutical help. Research data is emphasising that we have, in some cases, detected decreasing or even alternative need for medication or other more invasive or dangerous forms of treatment.



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