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The Rights of Older Adults To Long-Term Care Services In The Home Environment (comparison With The Rights of Older Adults In Institutional Care)

Carmen Rajer
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Long-term care is an area that, with the demographic changes we are facing, is increasingly coming to the forefront of current policies. The adoption of appropriate legislation, and who will take care of the elderly population and in what way, are questions that require answers. Older adults living in institutional care are entitled to a variety of long-term care services, including psychosocial support services as well as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, coordinated nursing and social care services. The paper offers answers to research questions such as: What about the rights of older adults living in a home environment? Is adult care in the home environment only in the domain of the individual, his family and municipalities? To what extent does the state provide older adults with the right to choose to live in the desired environment and thus also access to long-term care services? So how are the rights of the elderly in the home environment taken care of, compared to the elderly living in institutional care? Under the current regulation, older adults in the home environment have access to community care services, which fall under the rights of the ZZZS, and the right to social care services at home with additional payment from municipalities. We looked for answers in the Municipality of Krško from the employees of the project Long-term care in the community "Most", with a review of current legislation and foreign and domestic literature. We find that the rights of older adults to comprehensive treatment in the home environment are not realized in that they could benefit from services to maintain and strengthen independence, coordinated nursing and multi-day care services, as well as the rights of older adults to quality care in institutional care, are not realized, as care is not individually adapted to their needs and desires.



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