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Rights of The Elderly Adults In Rural Areas To Appropriate Housing Through The Development of Smart Villages

Borut Vidmar
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

As the share of older adults in society as a whole increases, so does the awareness of the rights of this group of people to adequate housing, which is supported by the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 8) and guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. (Articel 78). Suitable housing can vary significantly for different individuals or groups of people. There is also no uniform definition of suitable housing. In the case of older adults, the absence of movement barriers (stairs, thresholds, etc.) or the presence of solutions for their easier overcoming (elevators, etc.) is essential for the suitability of the built living environment. Past research has shown that most older adults want to spend their old age in a home environment, where they have a developed social network, but which in most cases is not suitable for them due to physical barriers. In rural areas in Slovenia, there is no developed appropriate health and social infrastructure that would enable older adults to spend their old age at home. The trend of rural depopulation and the aging of the rural population is a problem the entire European Union is facing. In presenting work, we used methods of description, compilation and synthesis, using a review of domestic and foreign literature and legal bases governing this area. The idea of social smart eco-villages is currently being developed in Slovenia under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture. It could provide an appropriate framework for adapting the living environment in rural areas for older adults. and in cooperation with other line ministries (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Infrastructure, etc.) it can support development of appropriate health and social infrastructure. In addition, new jobs would be created, which could partially halt the trend of depopulating the rural environment.



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