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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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Humanity On Screen

TjaĊĦa Ravnikar
District Court of Ljubljana

Man is at a turning point. At a point of immense and all-encompassing transformation in relationships, in the way we work, parent, or live. Everything that is the essence of man (or so we thought) and that defines man as such in our world today is changing. Technological progress and digital transformation are certainly areas that are triggering these changes, but they are not the only ones that "threaten" the essential elements of man. We should all think about technology from a healthy distance. Continuous progress. Where does it end? And why do people get so contradictorily excited about it? Humans need to socialise. In the face of the dogmas we are currently living, we realise that man is made for socialising. Man is made for contact, for physical touch, which, after all, still creates new human life. Man isn't just a physical body. It's above all the energy that drives and regulates it. What strengthens it and what generates it? Other human beings or things? The question is: does technology create man or does man create technology? As human relations grow, we face the danger of dehumanisation. What does this mean for human mental health and what are the consequences? Scientific knowledge is providing us with new truths and knowledge, yet we're sliding into a society of chronically emotionally malnourished individuals. Perhaps this is due to the fact that man creates relationships with technology and neglects human relationships. The current world situation offers absolute support, acceleration and amplification to this relational machination. That's why it's important to feel the human essence again. Let us create new, healthy generations of human beings, returned to their essence and nature. All this is a matter of choice and of how to introduce these fundamental and essential contents for humanity into educational systems.



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