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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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Digitization In Midwifery

Rosemarie Franc
University Medical Centre Maribor

Introduction: The purpose of the article was to explore the field of digitization in midwifery and to introduce those mobile applications and computer programs that have been designed, recommended, introduced and used in modern midwifery. Methods: We used a descriptive method of collecting, critical judgment, and analysis of foreign professional literature. After a systematic review of the literature, seven substantially relevant sources were compared according to the PRISMA methodology. We presented five digitized projects that are recommended for use in the clinical setting for the needs of modern midwifery and perinatology. Results: Compared to standard methods, mobile apps on the smartphone are always on hand and, as such, better encourage women to lead a healthy lifestyle, self-care and empowerment. We need to be careful when deciding to digitally monitor pregnancy and childbirth, as the benefits of digitization are not fully understood when compared to the large financial contribution required. Discussion and conclusion: In order to meet the needs of users, applications for pregnant women should be safe and credible and should be developed and operated by qualified healthcare professionals. The development and exploration of mobile applications and computer programs in the field of perinatology enable changes in treatment and workflow in the clinical setting and will be challenging for both midwives and physicians in the future.



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