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Psychosocial Programs To Support and Protect Children and Their Families For Safety In The Digital Environment

Nataša Demšar Pečak
Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

The article highlights the importance of intervention psychosocial programs in support and protection of children and their families for safety in the digital environment, funded by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MDDSZ). The purpose of these programs is to raise awareness and inform family members about the importance of good and healthy family relationships, to abandon various socially undesirable, unacceptable, and harmful patterns of interpersonal family interactions to reduce emotional distress, mental health disorders, change inappropriate behavior patterns, etc.

Because children are a very vulnerable group of the population and often lack the experience and knowledge to be able to assess the risks and consequences that entering the private sphere of life can bring within the online environment, they are particularly exposed to the pitfalls of the digital environment. To ensure their best protection and safety in the digital environment, it is necessary to raise awareness and educate both children and their parents on how to stay safe while using digital media. With this article, we want to emphasize the importance of free intervention programs in empowering users to seek professional help and support. The paper presents a program to support addicts with digital technology Logout & Restart.



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