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The Role of Medical Bandages and Elastic Bandages In Sports Trauma

Elda Latollari
Fan Noli University

Sports traumas include traumatology of the musculoskeletal system: muscle injuries, tendon, ligament and cartilage damage. Objectives: To identify the role of medical bandages and elastic bandages in the rehabilitation of muscle injuries. Methodology: This is a descriptive analytical study that included all football players of the academy "Sk├źnderbeu" Korca. The study included 20 players aged 13-19, who were followed for a period of 3 months: June-September 2021. All players are male. The main injuries were: direct blows to the muscles, contractures, muscle pulls. The players were divided into two groups of 10 players: in the first group was used: cooling spray, massage creams (voltaren, diclofenac), sports massage, exercises , and rest. While in the second group all the methods of the first group were used and in the end the limbs were immobilized with a medical bandage or elastic bandage. Results: Based on the treatment applied, a faster improvement was observed in the second group than in the first group. 50% of the players returned to the field within 3 days, 30% returned on the 7th day and 20% returned after two weeks. Conclusions: Medical and elastic bandages help players recover quickly on the field of play.



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