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Exploratory Projects In Manufacturing Industry: A Longitudinal Case Study

MatjaĆŸ Likar
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Our research analysed the execution of exploratory projects in the manufacturing organisation. The main question is: How does the traditional manufacturing organisation manage exploratory projects in the area of the unknown? We used a longitudinal case study covering eight years of development projects. The organisation efficiently performs well-defined development projects where the requirements are known at the project initiation. However, in exploratory projects, the organisation faces many problems, mainly because the organisation does not fully recognise the uncertainty nor know the appropriate tactics for such projects. Despite that, some exploratory projects in the organisation delivered important and valuable results due to the commitment and shared leadership of the project team members. This research can encourage future research in diversified project management approaches, analysing how different project-oriented organisational forms can be aligned with uncertain exploratory projects and analysing stakeholder management methods in the context of uncertainty.



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