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Ecoremediation Solution For Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Urša Jekovec


In the first part of the article, we will present some terms that appear and are associated with the use of natural processes for wastewater treatment and environmental restoration. Above all, we will focus on the term ecoremediation. We will briefly present the part of the regulation that regulates wastewater collection and treatment in Slovenia and highlight some key deadlines that were extended in 2021 with the amendment of the regulation. The purpose of this is also to make people aware of whether they have a regulated drainage and treatment of municipal wastewater required by law or what awaits them in the future. In the second part, we will present an ecoremediation solution (plant treatment device – constructed wetland) for the treatment of municipal wastewater, where treatment is carried out using natural systems and processes that are already present in nature. We will describe and present the function of a constructed wetland and describe three types and present their advantages and disadvantages. Finally, we will present examples of facilities where a constructed wetland was installed, namely for a residential house, a mountain hut and a small settlement (village).



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