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Life Nature 06, Nat/slo/000069 – Intermittent Cerkniško Jezero

Jani Pagon

In this article, we will talk about the intermittent Cerknica Lake. When it fills up, its the largest intermittent lake in Slovenia and even in Europe with an area of 29km2. The main feature of intermittent lakes is their yearly water level changes. At a certain point of the year, the water completely disappears through the esophagus and leaves behind a dry fertile land which can be walked on, but the local farmers cultivate it as well. At other times when water levels are high, the lake is used for various activities like fishing, rowing, etc. In 2007, a project started entitled LIFE Nature 06, NAT / SLO / 000069 - Intermittent Lake Cerknica that was completed in 2009. There were 23 largest so-called actions carried out in that time. It was partially funded by municipality and the participants were also volunteers. The project value was € 1,840,548. Its purpose was to renovate the lake to such extent that the water retention time is longer in the summer months. This would help prolong the main part of the habitat type thus making it more efficient. Consequently a suitable biotope is preserved, which provides a suitable habitat for the surrounding biocenosis.



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