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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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Relationship Between Digital Transformation In The Workplace and Mental Health

Vanja Kopilaš
University of Zagreb

Srećko Gajović
University of Zagreb

COVID-19 pandemic has just speed up the already started process of digital transformation in the workplace. Digital transformation can be described as a use of digital technologies to improve the existing value, efficiency and functioning of certain company or organization. Current lockdown situations followed by a wide range of epidemiological measures and fear of getting infected have motivated employers to speed-up with implementation of the digitalization process. Whereas beneficial outcomes are visible and obvious right from the get-go, harmful effects of this transformation remain relatively unknown. In the workplace, digital transformation impacts both individual and collective mindset. Therefore, it is crucial to address the psychological background of this transformation to gather the valuable insight on what is happening throughout this process.

Based on the psychological approach to the digital society we will try to highlight positive effects appearing because of the digital transformation in the workplace. Moreover, we would discuss on potential negative effects that this shift may have on well-being and mental health of the involved professionals. Our aim is to suggest a methodological and theoretical rationale to indicate the preferable ratio where both employers and employees can get full benefits from the digital era we are living in.



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