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The Influence of Pulmonary Rehabilitation In The Underground Salt Chambers On Dynamic Balance of Older Adults

Sylwia Mętel
University of Physical Education in Krakow

Magdalena Kostrzon
Wieliczka Salt Mine Health Resort

Justyna Adamiak
University of Physical Education in Krakow

Pulmonary rehabilitation is recognized as a core component of the management of elderly patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

The aim of the study was assessment of dynamic balance of older adults participating in speleotherapy combined with pulmonary rehabilitation.

The study group consisted of 51 seniors with chronic respiratory diseases who participated in 3-weeks pulmonary rehabilitation program in the underground salt chambers in ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort These individuals underwent the Four Square Step Test (FSST) before and after the outpatient rehabilitation conducted underground.

The test group for the eventual trial included 28 women and 17 men with the mean age of 68.5±3.2 years and 69.4±2.5 years and mean BMI 28.4±3.8 and 28.6±3.5, respectively. The average time needed to perform FSST decreased significantly (p0.05) from 10.2±1.9 cm before the stay to 9.1±1.7 cm after the stay. For patients with lower respiratory tract disorders the average decrease was 0.8 s and with upper respiratory tract disorders 1.5 cm (p0.05).

Speleotherapy combined with pulmonary rehabilitation increases the dynamic balance of the examined older adults with chronic respiratory diseases and should be considered important for the fall prevention programs.



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