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On The People, Elections and Constitutional Subjects In Croatia

Đorđe Gardašević
University of Zagreb

On one hand, the concept of “the People” in Croatia takes into account the fact that the community is in itself pluralistic. Apart from usual political divisions which accompany any democracy, this, in its most noticeable aspect, means that rights and interests of all national groups of both the majority and minorities should be respected. In addition, specifics of the Croatian case, like in some other countries, is that special recognition is also given to citizens living abroad. On the other hand, the Croatian approach to the notion of popular sovereignty is very explicit: the Constitution establishes that “Power in the Republic of Croatia derives from the people and belongs to the people as a community of free and equal citizens.“ In the following text the author tries to show how these two poles operate in practice in the field of constitutional arrangements regulating the parliamentary electoral system of Croatia.



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