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Dance In Kindergarten - An Important Factor In The Psycho-Physical Development of Children

Blaž Šumak
Institute for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Ljubljana

Vesna Geršak
Univerza na Primorskem, Pedagoška Fakulteta

Dance in kindergarten - an important factor in the psycho-physical development of children. In thesis is written about dance expression in the preschool period. Dance expression in the preschool period significant impact on the holistic development of children in all areas, psychomotor, cognitive and emotional-social. Curriculum for kindergarten is the basis for educators work with the objectives and scope of activities in the kindergarten. The educator encourages children to artistic activity, which plays an important role in the dance. Present the importance and the organization of extracurricular activities in the kindergarten, cooperation with parents: the right approach and communication, dance activities with elements of dance, learning and training in the dance and the role of the teacher in all this. Research Methodology. The study used quantitative methodology. Data were obtained through a questionnaire composed of three sections: general data on the dance activities, and the opinion of parents and educators attending the recent dance activities and views on dance activities, such as additional activities kindergarten. Research results show that parents and their children were satisfied with dancing and the organization, the majority of dance activities are carried out as an afternoon activity in kindergarten, in the future parents are willing to fund and support the dance activities in kindergartens. Mostly dance teaching dance instructors with licensed as an afternoon dance activity in each kindergarten. Educators are aware of the importance of continuous dance education. Dance activities should be accessible to all children, it is suggested to be financed by government, educators must have the opportunity to continue their formal education and continuing professional development. We need further research in the field of dance activity, confirming the importance and usefulness of dance activities for the overall development of the child.



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