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The Impact of The Use of Digital Technology On Physical Activity

Maša Čmer
Center Janeza Levca

The aim of the research was to determine the effects of the use of modern digital technology on physical activity of students attending a third triad of the special educational program. The sample represents 32 students who participated in the research; 10 girls and 22 boys. The survey questions related to physical activity before the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic and to the period during the pandemic. Along with the students activity habits, we were also interested on their feedback on the impact using digital technology on their everyday activities. The data were obtained through an online survey, which was active in September 2020. The obtained data were processed using the computer program Microsoft Exel. While learning from home using online medias, students were less physical active, and were in poorer physical condition compared to the period before the outbreak of the pandemic. Most students during the learning from home chose walking or cycling as a form of physical activity. The frequency of physical activity was reduced to 1 or 2 activities per week, and the duration of activities was reduced to 1 hour. Respondents admit a reduced interest in performing physical activity in the mentioned period. The most common reasons for the decline in interest in performing physical activity are low self-discipline and overwork due to other school obligations. Most of the students missed the most the encouragement of physical education teacher, classmates and the group dynamics during their physical activities. Students assess their progress in the use of computer knowledge as minimal. Most of students also missed the appropriate guidance of their teacher during the implementation of exercises, working out in pairs or small groups. Participants in the research with a high efficiency agree in a better quality of sports lessons while at school compared to online classes.



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