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Modern Teaching Methods With The Use of Tutoring Model At The Physiotherapy Faculty

Sylwia Mętel
University of Physical Education in Krakow

Education based on the tutoring model enables obtaining competencies useful in the labour market.

Implementation of tutoring model of teaching at Physiotherapy Faculty.

Sensory strategies course was introduced for Master’s degree study in the field of physiotherapy. The course was run in three groups of two students in English language. Erasmus+ students participated in the classes as patients / guests. In one of the tutorial group, the classes were attended by a student with a sight dysfunction. The following ideas were used: small group work, peer-assessment, constructive feedback, ipsative assessment, creating an educational poster in pairs.

Meeting the expectations of students, clinical classes were carried out with the participation of English-speaking patients in a private physiotherapy practice and practical classes in kindergarten. The final projects of the students including their professional development were publication of an article in Polish and English language in the field of physiotherapy and implementation of group, sensomotoric exercises for children.

Students of physiotherapy who participate in the tutorial classes with the use of modern teaching techniques with the inspiring work tools are motivated and challenge to develop their individual interests according to their needs established in peer assessment.



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