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The Educational Dimension of Relationships In The Kindergarten Sončni Žarek

Andreja Snoj Keršmanc
Vrtec Sončni žarek

Sebastjan Kristovič
Alma Mater Euopaea - ECM

Due to the growing complexity and the challenges of modern times, as a society we are experiencing an anthropological crisis, relating to the understanding of the human person and his transcendent dignity, which is reflected in fragmented and alienated interpersonal relationships. The crisis is also affecting the field of education, as many neuroscientific studies show how communication and interpersonal relationships affect the brain and the relationship to oneself and others. The Kindergarten Sončni Žarek (Škofja Loka), established in 2003, has developed a tailored educational approach based on a holistic perspective of child development in response of social reality. The research undertaken focussed on determining the key aspects of mental and educational practice, the perceptions of the users (children, parents and educators) and how well they align to the core values of the kindergarten. The data was obtained using several qualitative and quantitative research methods, and the core questions were approached from different angles. A high degree of coherence in findings is evident across different approaches, especially in terms of the quality of relational processes, values and behaviors of educational staff. The active role is played by the active establishment of positive relationships and a constructive atmosphere of freedom and trust, which creates an educational community, the desire to continuously improve the educational program and create conditions for a holistic perspective of child development.



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