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The Influence of »volition« As A Core Element of Courage and Mindset of Leaders and Project Team Members As An Important Success Factor of Large-Scale Projects

Andreas Doba
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

In project management world, which is increasingly characterized by projectification (Survey on the "Role of Institutions in the Projectification of Society in Germany", Reinhard Wagner 2021/IPMA-GPM,) and process optimization, there is a margin between successful projects and total failure, especially for large scale and giga projects (LSP/GP). Although the same PM tools, PM methodology and procedures for planning processes, project management, project execution and back offices/PMO are available to all companies and there are no major qualitative differences here, companies like TESLA manage to implement gigantic projects in impressively short periods of time that are second to none and, on the other hand, the big failed projects like the German Berlin Airport (BER) despite German thoroughness and the best and qualified resources. A comparison also on the content level shows, that Turkey for example was able to implement one of the largest airports in Europe - the new Istanbul International Airport - in a quarter of the time compared to BER, on schedule, while adhering to the budget and with everyone project goals. The chosen research area will be a result for the set-up and development of project teams and the awareness of the individual skills and abilities of the chosen team member for project teams conducting large scale and giga projects (>1bn EUR budget). The focus refers to the human characteristics like tuition, courage, will and decisiveness and last but least “Volition”. As a result, the key findings are, that the volition as the one of the key personal characteristics of the project leader and the project team members are strongly relevant for the success of different LSP and achieving the project goals and even more important than the PM processes and skills and should have been considered explicitly for the team set-up of large scale and giga projects.



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