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Senquality – An Eu-Funded Project Supporting Preparation For Later Life

Sabine Roehrig-Mahhou
Wisamar Educational Institute

Chara Stassinopoulou
C.M. Skoulidi & SIA E.E.

Introduction: The SenQuality project, funded in the Erasmus+ programme, addresses the topic of individual later life preparation in order to support well-being in old age. The demographic change has and will have far-reaching implications. Expected cuts in social security systems, challenges for the health and care systems etc. emphasize an increased responsibility of individuals to prepare for later life. But also personal age-related changes influence future well-being. Studies show that active later life planning and self-reflection of age-related transitions can influence well-being positively. SenQuality aims at raising awareness for the importance of preparation for later life and offers a reflection and planning tool. Methods: The project follows the assumptions of Kornadt (University of Luxemburg) and Rothermund (University of Jena) who see preparation as a lifelong and multidimensional process and defined nine domains for preparation: Finances, Emergencies & Exceptional Circumstances, Mental & Physical Fitness, Housing, Looks & Appearance, Social relationships, Health, Leisure Activities & Lifestyle as well as Work& Employment. After introducing these domains, the project offers an online self-reflection tool that leads to an individual action plan. Good practice examples and recommendations for later life are supposed to give inspiration. Results: The results are a later life manual as pdf download, a framework for self-assessment that can be used by counsellors supporting people in life changes and that serves as theoretical basis for an online platform that allows the individual to reflect on the current and past status and experiences as well as on wishes for the future. With the help of concrete examples and advice individual action plans can be made. Discussion and conclusion: SenQuality wants to reach an increased motivation to prepare for later life in a stage in which this still can be influenced, in addition to a better knowledge on how to plan for later life.



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