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Children After Trauma – Logotherapeutic Approach

Vladimira Velički
Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb

Miro Raguž
DOBRO Institute for Logotherapy, Education and Counseling

The paper discusses the current state of living with uncertainty in the world, with special emphasis on how children approach traumatic events. Based on theoretical research and references to relevant literature, primarily the logotherapeutic approach of Viktor Frankl, the paper explores logotherapeutic possibilities of helping children as the most vulnerable group. It examines self-transcendence and the logotherapeutic technique of dereflection. Special care is given to emotions which accompany a traumatic event and questions which it poses. Emergency and trauma-oriented pedagogy are also analyzed, as are the phases following a traumatic event, and interventions which can be applied when working with children. The aim of this paper is to find meaningful logotherapeutic interventions in a time of crisis, during and after a traumatic event, i.e., to provide guidelines for quality communication with children. It also warns of the inadequacy of quick solutions and the danger of careless use of words and even (logo) therapeutic “tools”, reasoning, and inviting individuals to find meaning in suffering without deep deliberation and understanding.



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