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Planning For Later Life: Domains Work & Employment and Looks & Appearance

Marianna Araouzou
Eurosuccess Consulting

Questions of looks and appearance, body and age are linked to debates about the nature of identity. The body is central to the experience of ageing. How an individual look is central to classifying him/her into society. Furthermore, work and employment is a domain that unfortunately did not receive much attention as it should be. Taking into consideration the large financial and economic consequences of the last years, especially of COVID-19, a lot of discussions on the implication of longer working lives in terms of learning have been raised. Rapid population ageing requires not only a policy response but also a continuous and comprehensive action plan. The purpose is to present a project-based research approach to planning later life in the domains of appearance & employment.

Methods: The methodology of the research was based on a methodological approach and framework that has been developed. After, methodological tools for planning later life in the domain of work and employment and looks and appearance have been prepared based on self-reflection and assessment in order to achieve specific goals.

Results: Firstly, an introductory section has been developed providing some background information on the domains. This is followed by a set of questions to be answered by the individuals to discover themselves, mainly self-reflection questions, that will help them assess the current situation regarding the importance, satisfaction and activities in the relevant domains. This is followed by other self-assessment and reflection questions related to the future that is accompanied by objectives and goals, performers and motivational statements in order to control their implementation and progress of them.

Discussion: The approach that is been used in the paper helps individuals to start planning their later life in the domains. The presented methodological framework is suitable for use as an online tool within the project.



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