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Ethical Rules As The Basis of Introduction of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence In The Medical Profession

Urška Grubač Kaučič
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Robotization is changing the development of medicine. Despite the advantages offered by a robot - a mechanically controlled machine, its use can lead to harmful events that can have consequences in the social, health, bioethical and personal spheres. The introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence in the medical profession will certainly dictate legal regulation. The European Union has already established general ethical principles, on which regulation is expected to be based. The cornerstone of the legal and ethical regulation of the field is the findings of the RoboLaw working group (2014), the Rules of Civil Law on Robotics (2017), and the Ethical Guidelines for Trusted Artificial Intelligence (2018). The article deals with the review of legal acts in the field of robotics in medicine with the final finding of whether the law of the European Union (and thus the Member States) sufficiently regulates relations and follows the challenges of artificial intelligence.



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