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Restorative Justice As An Innovative Approach To Elder Abuse: New Ways To Promote Human Rights

Lucie Vidovicova
Masaryk University

Marecla Petrová Kafková
Masaryk University

Petra Masopust Šachova
Researcher and Chairperson, Czech Institute for Restorative Justice

Jan Lorman
Gerontological Institute, Czech

In this paper, we introduce the basic concepts of restorative justice as a potentially powerful tool to address the complex issue of elder abuse and neglect as a part of the wider and global attempts to support the human rights of older people. The problem of EAN (elder abuse and neglect) is both an individual and structural phenomenon that can not be easily solved under well-established systems of the fight against domestic and gender-related violence. While these existing policies represent important models, they do not reflect the specificities of later life. Restorative justice is well suited to support the victims of various types of crimes and misconduct and can represent an important addition to the toolbox for the interdisciplinary teams involved in the solution of EAN, both as a part of the case management and as more structural / policy approaches. The talk is supported by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic grant No. TL05000516 "Innovative ways of definition, measurement of prevalence, and solution of elder abuse in the Czech Republic (including transfer of international best practice) (RESTABUS)".



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