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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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The Emr-Rural Project: Key Techniques and Devices Development For Rural Environmental Monitoring and Remediation In China

Mitja Prša
Alma Mater Europaea

With the growing development of rural areas and cities, the consumption of natural resources is also increasing, and consequently the need to protect the environment and nature, which strives for sustainable development, is becoming more and more important. Therefore, in China, in the name of environmental protection, ideas have been developed for the implementation of the project of so-called "green livable villages", environmental monitoring, which are part of rural ecoremediation (rural ERM). This incentive was launched in 2019 and is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. The project is focused on detecting and monitoring ecological hazards, anticipating natural disasters, tracking pollutant resources and ecological remediation, which includes various types of remediation on soil, surface water and groundwater. All this is connected by information technology with the development of new innovative biological, chemical or mechanical devices, which are already accompanied by artificial intelligence. The project follows the discovery of ecological degradation of the environment "in situ". Rural ERM include, in addition to research, contaminated soil, surface standing and running water, groundwater, as well as hilly areas and even ecosystems in cold areas with successions of certain communities of organisms. The concept of sustainable development is therefore determined in China by the idea of less and less uncontrolled urbanization and industrialization in the natural environment, which includes untouched nature and cultural landscape. This idea gradually introduces the blurring of the urban with the rural, ie the idea of "green livable villages", which coordinates the new potential of agriculture and ecological integrity or. ecological preservation of the environment. Excessive agricultural exploitation of nature, increasing toxicity, due to pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, due to livestock, has left consequences on the pollution of soil, water and consequently also leaves health consequences on humans



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