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A New Profile of Facility Manager In The Silver Economy of Smart and Sustainable Cities

Alenka Temeljotov Salaj
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

For sustainable and livable cities to reach the objectives of EC Energy 2020 regarding the improvement of the energy efficiency class in the existing building stock in the EU is crucial. In many old buildings live the older inhabitants who are their owners, but have no financial resources to improve the energy efficiency of these buildings. According to the Buildings Performance Institute, up to 97.5% of existing buildings are still below efficiency A, therefore must be updated or refurbished. This is a prerequisite for achieving the EC’s 2050 goals for decarbonization. The proposal lies in combining research with the development of a new role of Urban Facility Management (FM) for the implementation of knowledge in a broader urban context to contribute to the achievement of energy efficiency objectives and more livable cities for ageing societies. The concept of facility manager profile should be extended from the facility manager of typically business or public buildings to cover the general public neighbourhoods to be capable of making better communication between inhabitants and municipality, which is especially demanding for older inhabitants, who need refurbishing of their homes. It would create greater value for all stakeholders and highly contribute to the societal needs of upgraded infrastructure in accordance with smart and sustainable development. Urban FM also contribute to fulfilment of the needs of the older members of the community, being often cash poor, but still owners of a high percentage of old buildings. In many cities, they are the main cohort who have problems to invest in such refurbishing. From this perspective, the development of refurbishing and modern maintenance management structure including urban FM as its core part, which contribute knowledge to the silver economy, is proposed.



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