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Social Infrastructure Development In Unregulated Urban Growth

Visar Emerllahu
NOVA University, European Faculty of Law

David Bogataj
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

This paper focuses on unregulated urban growth as an already evolving trend in many countries in the ADRION regions, including Kosovo. The study on social infrastructure development is based on general conditions, determined in the legal documents on construction, internal regulations within the neighbourhood, compliance with purchase contracts with the requirements provided there. As part of great importance in the context of residents' satisfaction is urban design, respect for confidentiality, creation of green spaces, general and specialist medical services, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, catering shops, neighbourhood safety, creation of facilities for the elderly, public transport, etc. Part of the study was the purchase price of a house in the Kosovo neighbourhood through bank loans and unfavourable interest rates. Statistics and other results are collected and compared with the general rules of modelling neighbourhoods globally. Furthermore, the international literature is elaborated, giving comparative studies on settlements of this kind. This paper analyses how to treat the conditions for a socially valuable infrastructure for all categories. The case in which the research was conducted is the NIC neighbourhood area located in Cagllavice, municipality of Gracanica in Kosovo, 3 km from the capital city of Kosovo Prishtina.



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