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Spatial Dispersion of Older Adults In Slovenian Regions and Their Accessibility To Social Infrastructure

Samo Drobne
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering

Marija Bogataj

How to provide adequate services and housing for an increasing number of older people that are dependent on the help of others is a crucial question in the EU and Slovenian municipalities. The housing stock is not fit to support the shift from institutional care to home-based independent living. Most houses in Slovenian municipalities are not adequately built, as they contain accessibility barriers for people with emerging functional impairments. Also, the public transport does not enable them to reach the health and social centres when needed. The financial sources are not provided in general to improve the living standard for older adults. Retirement communities are not developed at all. The question is how to finance the adaptation of housing units, provide them better accessibility and build new social facilities. Many facilities are optimal to be constructed on the local level. But it is advised for some to be provided on the Local Action Group (LAG) level, some on regional level and some on the national level. The management of these spatial units and their inhabitants should consider building smart villages where the physical facilities and spaces would be constructed so that the community could have access to social and health care services and would operate in the future in the sense of Continuous Care Regions (CCR). We based our analysis on the Central Population Register ( and the location of their homes and public facilities needed for the Long-term care ( On these bases, we considered it possible to provide them special housing units when needed and mode accessible public facilities. Finally, some graphical presentations on the thematic maps are given.



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