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Primerjalna Študija Socialne Infrastrukture Za Oskrbo Starostnikov V Državah Članicah Eu In Sloveniji

Eneja Drobez
University of Ljubljana

David Bogataj
Alma Mater Europaea-ECM

This article presents a comparative study of the social infrastructure and services for the long-term community care (LTC in communities) for seniors with declined functional capacities in ten Member States of the European Union, also in Slovenia, and the United Kingdom. Here were compared the legal and physical goals and constraints to find the best solutions for Slovenian rural areas. We found that this infrastructure is developed differently across the Member States and that there are different models of governance and financing of the social infrastructure for the LTC. In the majority, the leading managers of the social infrastructure are stakeholders at the local level, such as municipalities and housing organisations, the latter usually operating as social enterprises or non-profit oriented housing associations. Reliable sources of funding are national or international. Essential are national mechanisms to draw these fundings through the European Investment Bank. However, our comparative study did not find that the social infrastructure is financed mainly through these schemes. In the paper, the reason was missing the guarantee schemes for funding social infrastructure for older adults' care. Therefore, for financing the development of LTC infrastructure in the Slovenian countryside, the use of some kind of guarantee scheme is advised. Thus, the article presents in detail the way to successful, well-developed financial products in the framework of the LTC Act, particularly important for the development of LTC in rural areas.



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