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Planning For Later Life: Presentation of Project-Research Findings On Domains Housing and Social Relationship

Ana Isabel Herranz Zentarski

International human rights law recognizes the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living, including adequate housing. The importance of having a home that is adapted to each individual's circumstances becomes even more important as we age, as our needs change, as we experience problems with mobility, vision, hearing, or even memory. Home adaptation is very important for the safety and well-being of older people, allowing them to live independently longer, feel safer and avoid accidents. The purpose of this paper is to present a project-research approach to planning later life in the domain housing. The research was carried out in two stages, as we first developed a methodological concept for self-assessment in planning for later life. Then, based on the methodological concept, we developed a methodological tool for planning later life in the domain housing, based on self-reflection and self-assessment. The methodological concept in the domain housing is six-step. The first step is intended to the presentation and selection of domains. In the second step the individual self-reflects and self-assesses the current housing situation and reflects on the need to make changes to the own housing or consider other housing options. In the third step the individual self-reflects and self-assesses past experience in housing. The fourth step provides an answer to how strongly the domain develops in the individual. The fifth step is three-phase, first comprising questions about housing in later life, followed by objectives with activities, performers, time and resources, and concluding with motivational statements. The last and sixth step is intended to the control of implementation and progress. Methodological framework with a six-step approach directs the individual to preparing and planning later life in the domain housing, which takes into account the determinants regarding adapting the own house or apartment or considering other housing options.



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