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The Role of Physiotherapy In Patients With "Scapula Alta" Deformity

Elda Latollari
Fan Noli University

The winged scapula is a rare injury, caused by altered scapulo-thoracic neuromuscular balance. There are various etiologies, such as serratus paralysis, previous damage to the long rib nerve, generating a state of disability of the shoulder, causing deformity and restriction to perform basic daily activities. In this article we present a case of a post-traumatic shoulder patient, clinical diagnosis and late rehabilitation treatment and partial improvement after six months. Patient evaluation was performed after the first, third and sixth months. The therapy included 30 min of trapezius massage, rhomboids, serratus anterior and 30 min exercises for the upper limbs. After 6 months of treatment we have extension of the right hand, change of shoulder angle, improvement of the neck position, but there is a need for other sessions.



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