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Dance Mediation and Artistic Education – A Process of Overlapping

Ângelo Neto
Escola Superior de Dança

Between the movement of persisting and resisting, dance contains the paradoxical germ of appearing and disappearing. These are important questions to think about dance mediation. Deleuze places creation as an act of resistance, where it becomes an object of encounter with multiplicities. Baldacchino relates artistic creation to education through resistance as a disjointed place. Artistic practice cannot be seen as utilitarian but as a tension producer. Teacher-student or choreographer-interpreter advocates a fundamental relation to think about mediation. The didactic-democratic spectrum, proposed by Jo Butterworth, allows us to reveal the elasticity in the relationship between the agents of creation. She proposes that through the devising process the interpreter actively participates as a thinker about the choreographic work and its construction. This is important to dance mediation because it places the agents as active characters in the process of mediation between them and the choreographic work. Atkinson allows us to think about the planar character in artistic practice since it places both, the teacher/mediator, and the student, in a state of becoming. This allows the agents to transcend themselves and to build a new ontological plane. And turns mediation as an opportunity of creating and encountering multiplicities.



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