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Exposure of Health Professionals To Violence In Emergency Activities

Ksenija Zbińćajnik
University Clinical Centre Maribor

Theoretical background: Workplace violence is a serious problem, especially among health professionals. Workplace violence is any verbal or physical violence against a person or persons at work or in the workplace.Emergency health workers are particularly vulnerable to violence, as people in serious situations come to them for help. The source of violence is not only patients, a large share is also contributed by relatives. Given the current situation in the country, the incidence of violence is higher than in previous years, which can be attributed to the difficult epidemiological situation. Methods: the research uses a systematic review of the literature in the field of violence against health care workers in the emergency department and a comparison of data from the literature with actual statistical data from the Slovenian clinical environment in the period from 2016 to the present. Results: The results of the literature review show a high exposure to violence by health professionals in the emergency department. Triage nurses are, given their nature of work, all the more exposed to violence than other emergency care workers. The results of research abroad show a similar trend of growth of violence in emergency activities as in our area.



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