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What Have We Learned From The Corona Crisis and How Should We Go Forward?

Mirjana IvanuĊĦa-Bezjak
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Corona. The most commonly uttered word in year 2020 and also in 2021, if not decades. An incident we did not expect, want or anticipate. The economic collapse, the sociological breakdown of relations in society and at the same time is a huge lesson that called into question a series of firmly entrenched life patterns. While we are probably still too close to an objective judgment of all the consequences, it is already clear that we were forced to learn a lot overnight. The corona crisis in 2020 turned the whole world and national economies on its head, as well as each individual. We are now located and living in the fourth wave of both individuals and society.

In the article we will explore domestic and foreign articles and surveys that checked the adaptation of the individual to the covid crisis, teleworking, limiting social contacts, .. We will also explore articles that analyze the adaptation of companies to the covid crisis.

Based on the mentioned articles and research, we will review the conclusions and analyzes - and answer the question WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED FROM THE CROWN OF THE CRISIS AND HOW FORWARD?



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