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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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Finding Inspiration In The Limits of Digital Learning

Johanna Rebecca Greiner
Alma Mater Europaea - Dance Academy

In the past 2 years a lot of experiences could be made regarding training dance online. The following article will examine the personal experiences of the author and reflect on the positive and negative influences that the forced digitalization had on her practice as an aspiring professional dancer. Part of the discussion will be online classes she was able to attend at the contemporary dance Formation CobosMika in Palamós, Spain in spring 2020, at the summer academy of TWV academy (an online platform for professional dancers) in summer 2020 and a courses in biomechanics and improvisation held by a private dance school (Tanzstation) in Cologne, Germany since October 2020. Basis of the evaluation is the comparison of the experience gained in classes that were held on site (in studio), with the ones held online. Factors of comparison are: space, the work space of the student; time, how is the course structured timewise, the expenditure of time; the quality of the received study material, taking a look at how the transmission and assimilation of physical and theoretical knowledge differ in on site versus online courses; and last but not least, communication, difficulties and advantages of the exchange online.



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