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Some Psychological Factors In Competitive Ballroom Dancing

Bor Sojar Voglar
Alma Mater Europaea - Dance Academy

In this paper, we highlight some psychological factors that we believe greatly influence whether or not, why, how, and for how long an individual engages in competitive ballroom dancing, and what results will they achieve. In recent years, quite a bit of professional literature has been accumulated on the topic of competitive ballroom dancing, mainly under the authorship or mentorship of dr. Meta Zagorc and research done with the Slovenian national team. However, it should be noted that the books are written primarily for dancers who are already top notch, who have already shown an excess of talent and will, and is primarily intended for dancers in the Slovenian national team. The psychological factors described in the books are specific and researched, related to seasonal form and pre-competition situations, and are focused primarily on the nuances that distinguish champions. We must not forget, however, that many other dancers are also involved in dancesport, who, like the champions, train every day and regularly qualify for the quarter-finals and semi-finals at the national level. Both are influenced by much more general psychological and non-psychological factors, of which we have selected 7 that we give the most weight to.



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