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Economic Diplomacy As A Form of Innovative Communication

Slađana Strmečki
University of Zagreb

Ljubica Bakić-Tomić
Alma Mater Europaea - ECM

Anamarija Kirinić
University of Maribor

Economic diplomacy is an innovative mechanism for the development of the economy and the positioning of the state in the international economic environment. Without this mechanism, there is no efficient economic and business international communication. The economy has taken over the status that military-political instruments and factors had in international relations so far. Economic diplomacy has undergone a transformation from a state to a non-state function such as individual companies and economic entities. The aim of this paper is to analyze what economic diplomacy is and to present its effects in a series of case / state studies. Within the European Union, more economically developed countries (France and Germany) and less developed ones (Poland and Croatia) were selected for the analysis of economic diplomacy. The comparative research method, by showing the similarities and differences of national economic diplomacies, enables causally valid conclusions to be drawn from it. With the country study approach, it is possible to analyze the basic features of the system of economic diplomacy in selected countries. Economic diplomacy is certainly an innovative national-economic, foreign policy and business tool and a resource that should contribute to social change.



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