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The Artistic Experience In The Studies of Future Educators As A Path To Personal and Professional Development

Urša Rupnik
Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Pedagogue

Vesna Geršak
Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana

In the field of dance, the closure of public life due to the epidemic has also had a drastic impact on the ways of creating, performing and teaching in and through the art of dance. Artistic processes and pedagogical approaches have been forced to question their very essence, as dance can hardly exist without one of its basic requirements - an appropriately sized space. The case study discussed in this paper brought the 'pandemic' explorations and practises of two artists (from dance and visual arts) into the study process of future educators through the elective course Dance Theatre, thus creating a platform for students' own creativity through the languages of dance, visual arts and film. The fresh processes of creating and teaching, mediated through virtual media, positively impacted both students' understanding of personal artistic experience for individual and professional development and their psycho-physical well-being in a time of public closure; at the same time, they laid the groundwork for reflection on redefining dance education in the higher education of future educators and practitioners.

Data were processed using a qualitative method. The students' reflections were grouped into 4 categories according to Glasser's control theory of human needs: Love/Belonging, Fun, Freedom, Power.



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