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Blog As A Means of Innovative Communication For Disabled People In The City of Zagreb

Maja Popović
University of Zagreb

Wheelchair users often need to be well informed about the architectural adaptations of cultural, artistic and heritage institutions in the city of Zagreb before the planned visit in order to check whether they can access the building on their own and if they can move freely through the space. That information can be obtained by visiting websites of these institutions or by web browsing, but the requested information isn't always specified, and can be incomplete or inaccurate. Since there isn't a single web site that would contain such information, and since the author works in one such institution and practically experiences the problems of disabled people and difficulties in obtaining accurate information, a blog for people with disabilities was made, where all the information they need could be found in one place. Data for the Blog is collected by e-mail and a visit in person by the author. The collected information is immediately published on the blog with a detailed review. For the purposes of this paper, a detailed analysis of what these institutions offer to people with disabilities will be made in terms of space adaptation and all other necessary information for the needs of people with disabilities.



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