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It's About People 2022: Embracing Digital Transformation: For a Sustainable and Ethical Future

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Digital Transformation - A Prerequisite For The Survival of The Artistic Organisation As A Micro-Entrepreneurial Entity In Culture During The Covid Pandemic and The Ensuing Recession

Jasna ńĆizmek Tarbuk
Artistic Organisation Fronesis

Digital transformation is an inevitable and necessary process in almost all aspects of businesses. Therefore, even art organizations as micro-entrepreneurial entities in art, are forced into a process of digital transformation. Even just opening a websites and using digital marketing helps in better visibility of artistic work. Due to smaller size, art organizations are flexible and it is relatively simply to educate a small number of people. As a result of opening channels for communication, faster planning and better organization is possible. For example by using digital scenography, great reduction the cost of this part of production can be made because it does not require storage space, transportation costs and is suitable for any space. Furthermore, digital transformation enables faster archiving and accessibility of recordings and presentation data. For the time of the Pandemic, art organizations that have already proven digital transformation are faster and easier switching to remote business, offering cultural content online. The digital transformation facilitates business, reduces costs and is key to the survival and visibility of small arts organizations during a pandemic. This paper presents observations on the introduction of digital transformation on a couple of small art organizations during pandemic and recession.



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