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Remote Teaching Gaps

Ines Krape┼ż
Lucija Elementary School

During the COVID-19 pandemic primary schools closed twice and switched to remote teaching which was the only safe solution to continue the learning process. Teachers were forced to think about what kind of learning process they will do and at the same time they study the possibilities to adapt the learning goals from the curriculum. The results of math tests showed that the knowledge acquired through remote teaching is different from the knowledge that students acquire through teaching at school.

Motivation at school cannot be compared with the motivation at home, so the quality of knowledge acquired during remote teaching varied. Teachers intervened in the most vulnerable moments of many who were not prepared for such learning because they did not have the right conditions. Teachers were also exposed when their lectures and explanations became a public subject of discussion in various parenting forums. Of course they cannot ignore the fact that a large proportion of students had a poor internet connection and a difficult access to electronic devices. Confused and uncertain about too many instructions they navigated according to their feelings and beliefs, relying on their own judgment of what was important and what was not.



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