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Young People In The Embrace of Depression Before The Sars-Cov-2 Pandemic

Urška Nemec
General Hospital Murska Sobota

Nationally, depression is common and is a major public health problem. Studies estimate that the number of depression symptoms increases by 5% each year. Depression accounts for 12% of all illnesses and is a major factor in mental and neurological illnesses worldwide. Young adult mental health was already a global problem before the pandemic, but after 2020, the increase in psychiatric diagnoses and substance abuse is directly related to the coronavirus. In our research, we are specifically interested in the general psychiatric health of adults aged 18-45 years in the pre-SARS CoV-2 period We focus on data from the master's thesis by Nemec idr. (2019), which includes 260 individuals aged 18 to 45 years. The purpose and aim of the research is novel and specific. The data will be processed considering new research questions and a new Hipohessis using the software application IBM SPSS. The research methodology is based on quantitative methodology and the philosophy of positivism. A validated Slovenian version of the Patient Health Questionnaire is used for the research. Data were collected in 2018 through an online survey.



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